How Cleveland Uses Data for Sustainability's Sake

For cities, setting sustainability goals is only half the battle. Charting and measuring progress is equally important, and all the more possible in today's age of data and analytics. At the recent EcoDistricts Summit, Cleveland's Sustainability Chief, Jenita McGowan, talked about how her city is using the web to measure and report success with its climate action plan and Sustainable Cleveland initiative.
Friday, December 27, 2013 08:00 EST | 7
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12/30/2013 7:49:39 PM
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Re: Seeing is believing
Yes, i think that's why there needs to be community-specific component for participants to appreciate how their efforts translate in concrete terms or at least some reflection of the effort on a larger scale. For instance, if this project were mirrored in other cities what the collective benefit would represent.

12/30/2013 7:45:25 PM
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Re: data analytics
I think the neighborhood aspect of the projet brings it closer as well. The local effort can be stressed and there is sometimes more connection to it. We've done that in my area with recycling rates and frequent progress updates.

Mary Jander
Mary Jander  
12/29/2013 7:30:14 PM
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Re: Seeing is believing
Ah, right, piratejulie. You hit the nail on the head: Data visualization seems to be the theme here, making use of city data sources to improve the quality of life there.

12/29/2013 6:55:01 PM
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Re: Seeing is believing
You make a very important point Mary, particularly since [as I understand from the video] Cleveland's data is "macro-based" currently.  

From a data perspective, it will be important for all to *see* the footprints.  Data visualization, then is quite critical to Cleveland's progress.

Mary Jander
Mary Jander  
12/29/2013 2:40:54 PM
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Seeing is believing
The idea of a sustainability dashboard is awesome. It no doubt helps citizens and businesses to see the benefits of energy savings, conservation, etc. My only question is, How can Cleveland follow through to determine how well its dashboard is actually working? Measure the measurements, as it were.

12/28/2013 12:40:20 PM
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data analytics
I love this too. I always say that the more data you have the more energy you can save and the better we can allocate resources. With large scale infrastructure it is important to map the effect and the effects upon it too determine its suitability and resilience to cimate change. This is a great step forward.

12/27/2013 6:12:34 PM
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Dashboard Data
I love the idea behind Sustainable Cleveland's Dashboard.  Being able to access the "footprints" of Cleveland's respective populations is such a step forward for contributing to a "sustainable" future.

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