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Alan Reiter Hi Davedgreat2000, Good points. Parents should be proactive in telling their children the good and bad aspects of the Internet and helping them learn how to use it. It's wrong to ban kids from using...
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Alan Reiter, President, Wireless Internet & Mobile Computing
City and county law enforcement organizations in the US should prepare for a barrage of criticism for offering free Internet security software that doesn't work well and could ...
Kim Davis, Editor-in-Chief, Future Cities
How will law enforcement agencies and other emergency responders face up to crime, terrorism, and natural and human disasters in the urban future?
Kim Davis, Editor-in-Chief, Future Cities
Is there a way to balance growing concerns about the intrusive, trust-draining aspects of "broken windows" policing against both the need to combat violent crime and the civil ...
Atul Bhatnagar, President & CEO, Cambium Networks
Collecting personal fitness data and social "likes" is fueling our well-documented data explosion, but other streams of nonstop data creation are working harder for humanity. These ...
Alan Reiter, President, Wireless Internet & Mobile Computing
The United States kicked off 2014 with two school shootings in January. Should city schools implement high tech to help prevent these tragedies?
Mary Jander, Managing Editor, Future Cities
Don't look now, but that lamppost you just passed in the airport terminal knows you didn't pay your property tax this quarter.
Mary Jander, Managing Editor, Future Cities
Cities like Sochi and Rio compete for years to host the Olympics. But if profit's the motive, perhaps they should focus on other events.
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Nick Meeten
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