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Resurgent phoenix
Miki Calero
Miki Calero
Miki Calero
Nicole Ferraro
Miki Calero
Resurgent phoenix
Mary Jander
Jim Wells
Jim Wells
Jim Wells
Resurgent phoenix
Resurgent phoenix That is the beauty of America , "Freedom of Religion"  or "no religion".  I agree Religion should not be forced on people.  Jan spoke of Roots of Empathy as a possible solution. ...
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Miki Calero, Chief Security Officer, Columbus
As cities improve traffic with virtual traffic lights, reduce crime with geographic information systems, and protect infrastructure with smart lighting, they deploy new information ...
Steve Webb, VP, Aerospace, Defense & Security, Frost & Sullivan
Security and safety technology, business models, and multi-agency collaboration are changing within cities, and necessarily so.
Miki Calero, Chief Security Officer, Columbus
As we enter 2013, a range of emotions mars us all: tearfulness, grief, disbelief, shock, fear, anger. No one can answer with certainty why the Sandy Hook tragedy happened, but ...
Nicole Ferraro, Editor in Chief, Future Cities
CCTV cameras are populating today's cities almost as quickly as people are. And while some consider this surveillance invasive, today's tech is slight compared to what's coming.
Miki Calero, Chief Security Officer, Columbus
Security may not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about global urbanization, yet future cities will only be as smart and sustainable as they are secure.
Miki Calero, Chief Security Officer, Columbus
First as a hurricane, then superstorm -- even now as a low-pressure trough -- Sandy is straining incident and emergency response resources to unprecedented levels.
John W. Verity, Editor in Chief, The CMO Site
Kasperksy Labs, the Russian cybersecurity outfit, is developing an all-new, highly-secure operating system just for running industrial machinery and the critical infrastructure that ...
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James@SanDiego 10/23/2013 12:54:04 PM
Cities in Cyberspace Must Take New Precautions
James@SanDiego 1/28/2013 5:10:48 PM
After Sandy Hook, Cities Have Responsibility to Lead
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