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Kishore Jethanandani
Kishore Jethanandani
Kishore Jethanandani
Kishore Jethanandani
Kishore Jethanandani
Kishore Jethanandani
Kishore Jethanandani
Kishore Jethanandani
kq4ym I am skeptical of the benefits as the world become too paranoid after recent events. Whether the privacy issues and monetary costs are worth collecting every bit of intelligence data is a question...
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Kishore Jethanandani, Market Researcher
Intelligent vigilance is counterterrorism's need of the moment, as cities are on edge, fearful of mass atrocities inflicted by anonymous lone wolves at the behest of foreign ...
Kim Davis, Editor-in-Chief, Future Cities
I don't mean to conjure the nightmarish vision of J.G. Ballard's High Rise, in which a technologically advanced residential tower collapses into chaos and barbarism after the ...
Robocars won't be the future of the urban commute if it continues to be true that the more computerized a vehicle, the more hackable it is. Kelly Jackson Higgins reports.
Mary Jander, Managing Editor, Future Cities
Don't look now, but that lamppost you just passed in the airport terminal knows you didn't pay your property tax this quarter.
Christine Parizo, Christine Parizo Communications
"Government" and "efficiency" are two words rarely spoken together, but at a conference last month, they fit like peanut butter and jelly.
Mary Jander, Managing Editor, Future Cities
Cities like Sochi and Rio compete for years to host the Olympics. But if profit's the motive, perhaps they should focus on other events.
Mary Jander, Managing Editor, Future Cities
Recent high-profile data breaches prove that without adequate security, smart buildings could be a dumb idea.
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"Adaptive learning" or "personalized learning" are hot topics in Education and for good reason with the allure of transforming teacher effectiveness and student outcomes. However, they are terms often overused, as is the notion that digital content or one-to-one devices alone will ensure success in school and out into the workplace. To truly deliver on the promise of improved outcomes requires a broader thinking of technology - including standards, enterprise systems, and an eye to the future. Join us to learn how to prepare for this transformation so that it can become a reality in your learning environment!
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