All About Datacenter Collocation

With today’s tighter budgets, some city governments and industry leaders are finding it more practical to rent datacenter facilities rather than construct their own. However, choosing to go this route can lead to a whole host of questions to consider.

Subscribe to this radio show and get the answers to some of the important questions regarding collocation facilities such as:

  • What are the costs associated with renting a datacenter facility?
  • Will it comply with the regulations of my industry?
  • How will the security issues be addressed?

After years of trending upward, pricing for large collocation deals is stabilizing in some markets, according to industry sources. With this pricing stabilization, companies can now explore the idea of collocated datacenters and the challenges associated with them. This radio show will address these questions and will discover when it may pay to collocate, what to look for in a collocation facility, and the cities worldwide that feature the most options for collocation facilities.

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