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Alex Wolfe
Alex Wolfe  
12/12/2012 1:05:41 PM
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Re: New Fixtures and Power
Interesting idea, Pablo. These bulbs are designed to screw into a standard light socket, so they run off of 120 VAC. The LEDs themselves, though, run off of a lower voltage, 5V or 12 VDC (or in some cases, lower). So for example there are LED-based flashlights which run off of batteries. The point about drivers is they maintain constant voltage and current to the LED. So even if you use DC, maintaining the color of the LED and its brightness output requires regulation to the supply. I.e,, it's more than just a transformer and a rectifier bridge.  Thanks again, Pablo.

12/12/2012 11:43:27 AM
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An important consideration
I will be saddened when the arrival of this device eliminates the hot Tungsten light which I have for so long associated with childhood memories of a handwarmer in the depth of freezing winters.

Pablo Valerio
Pablo Valerio  
12/12/2012 4:09:58 AM
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New Fixtures and Power
Interesting article, I believe we have to move to a new system of fixtures and power for LEDs.

It is possible to install complete transformers that provide 5V, 12V and 15V DC in new office installations. This allows computers to run on 5V and 12V, and LEDs to be connected directly. Google is usign this technology for their data centers, saving space, heat and power for their servers.

About the $10 LED bulb, IKEA is already selling those.

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