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Scott Ferguson
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Scott Ferguson
Amy Rogers Nazarov
Susan Leach
Kim Davis
Kim Davis
Kim Davis
Kim Davis I think one can't underestimate the commitment of communities to neighborhoods which have only, very gradually become relatively unsafe.  Emptying half of Staten Island, or closing the NJ boardwalks...
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Scott Ferguson, Editorial Director, UBM DeusM
If your company is looking to relocate to an office space that is green, you need to look no further than the Twin Cities area of Minneapolis and St. Paul, or the tech-centric ...
Kim Davis, Editor-in-Chief, Future Cities
The increasing global incidence of extreme weather events will surely lead to many cities reconsidering their building code provisions. Less than two years since being hit by ...
Kim Davis, Editor-in-Chief, Future Cities
We invite you to spend your weekend contemplating the dollars (and euros and yen) likely to be plunged into the global smart building technology market between now and 2018.
Alan Reiter, President, Wireless Internet & Mobile Computing
City residents and tourists are human (generally), so they occasionally need to use a bathroom. You might think it's easy to find public bathrooms, but you'd be wrong.
Nicole Ferraro, Editor in Chief, Future Cities
A building, or city, is only as green as its inhabitants. What's one way to get people to conserve? By awarding them with smiley faces, of course.
Pablo Valerio, International Business & IT Consultant
Two small cities in the Basque region of Spain are getting smarter.
Pablo Valerio, International Business & IT Consultant
In a lesson for cities everywhere, Barcelona is implementing a key element of an urban efficiency plan it announced two years ago.
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Nicole Ferraro
Nicole Ferraro
Thursday September 5, 2013 3:45:41 PM
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Thursday September 5, 2013 3:19:27 PM
aomari Burgher
Thursday September 5, 2013 1:48:25 PM
GeorgiaCougar Urban Legend
Thursday September 5, 2013 1:25:11 PM
sihoogendyk City Slicker
Thursday September 5, 2013 1:10:37 PM
RaleighBanker City Slicker
Thursday September 5, 2013 1:04:51 PM
Mikerman Urban Legend
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