New York: Young Ideas for Social Cohesion

Jordan Fraade, Writer & Editor
Wednesday, August 6, 2014 09:00 EDT

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Resurgent phoenix
Resurgent phoenix  
8/17/2014 7:07:55 AM
User Rank City Slicker
Young ideas and City involvement
Thanks Fraade, I hope this project grows a pool of talented young people who know how to engage in the improvement of Cities at all levels!

Susan Leach
Susan Leach  
8/13/2014 11:27:00 AM
User Rank Blogger
Re: Action?
What a great idea to get fresh minds mulling over old intractable problems. Hope you're right, Jordan, that the Roosevelt Institute is widely followed. Seems like many of these proposals could provide useful fodder for other cities -- even though they are untested.

Terry Sweeney
Terry Sweeney  
8/12/2014 3:51:49 PM
User Rank Blogger
Expand the winners
Thanks for an intriguing post, Jordan. As I'm reading over the proposals, it strikes me that it's a real shame they had to pick only a single project to work on or fund. Is it a funding issue or some structural/functional dynamic at work? How great if the institute could find its way to pursue the top three proposals, for example.

8/12/2014 2:22:59 PM
User Rank Blogger
Re: Action?
Not yet, at least as far as I know. I think the Summer Academy is designed to give students an intensive summerlong workshop in how to research policy issues and write solutions, so that they can apply those skills to their future work. Roosevelt has a pretty large following nationwide, so there's certainly a chance that a city policymaker will read about one of these ideas and want to put it into action. But I think the Academy is meant first and foremost as a training program for college students.

8/12/2014 7:31:25 AM
User Rank Urban Legend
Re: Action?
Such a program might lead to more citizen interaction with greater publicity and funding of course. But while, "brain storming" and idea proposals seems like a good idea, I wonder if there's already experience tested programs out there that already have proved helpful in gaining inclusion goals. If so, why not put those into practice instead of coming up with untested ideas?

Kim Davis
Kim Davis  
8/8/2014 2:37:12 PM
User Rank Staff
This looks like a great program, and it's good to know that the winning idea might get some support, but is there any mechanism to capture the ideas generally, share them, and promote action on them?


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