San Diego Taps Big Data to Optimize Transit

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Monday, July 14, 2014 10:18 EDT

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7/31/2014 10:26:28 AM
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I agree Toby GIS is the best and easiest data representation to analyse transit. You cant come up with a mathematical formula to give you answers to such a dynamic system, the best we can do is to be like a lawyer looking at the evidence and making an informed judgement.

7/16/2014 9:01:04 AM
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Re: Data and sharing
I would guess San Diego is not alone in the problem of consolidating and figuring out how to get all the various sources into one pile of data. And then figuring out how to do it on limited municipal budgets without raising taxes.

Resurgent phoenix
Resurgent phoenix  
7/16/2014 6:35:56 AM
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Re: Data and sharing
Toby, Do you think putting data into a data warehouse then extracting it with one type of business intelligence solution will help? Then the different divisions can still collect data in the old way. Yet, the data can be manipulated across areas to produce innovate reports. Also one source of truth will make reports consistent. The use of the cloud appears to make this goal possible.

7/15/2014 8:11:01 AM
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Data and sharing
My own experience in working with Local government was an education in how disperate the data sources in each service really are. You may like to think that a citizen record is a citizen record but in most cases each service maintains it's own version of this record and, should there be a need to join up the data, you will have a big project on your hands...and some expensive specialists. However GIS mapping seems to be the best common framework to contextualize this info.



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