Internet of Things: Who Gets the Data?

InformationWeek, InformationWeek
Thursday, May 15, 2014 13:45 EDT

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Kim Davis
Kim Davis  
5/30/2014 12:56:20 PM
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Another bunch of reasons for thinking that security is a major challenge to the IoT.

Terry Sweeney
Terry Sweeney  
5/29/2014 12:09:50 PM
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Re: data and identity
This passing of data and consolidating into profiles is already happening, CitySolver. Facebook, Google, Yahoo and others are both buyers and sellers in this market of online habits, demographic info, income and home ownership status, etc. And we sign away alot of rights and privacy each time we upgrade application software and/or click on "I agree" to the terms of service. Our personal data is getting mined like crazy.

5/24/2014 1:59:03 PM
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data and identity
I agree Toby, this is an interesting area, is it possible to truly erase your past, is it ethical? Should data be allowed to be passed down or through a chain of derivative companies, are we comfortable about our behaviour being monitored in this way. Can it be stopped, can the law help us? Many questions and I am sure lots of controversial asnwers! 

5/19/2014 5:12:22 AM
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Right of forgetting...
This all seems appropo to the ruling in Europe last week that says peole have the right to be forgotten and content finding companies like Google must respond and remove content when the individual concerned contacts them to request it.

BTW...why are we all in Italics today...?

Kim Davis
Kim Davis  
5/16/2014 11:36:47 AM
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Re: Whose Data?
Usual situation in the digital world.  If it seems appealing, practicable, and profitable, we go ahead and do it. We don't really pause to think about the implications and the consequences. Maybe there's an assumption that regulators or legislators will catch up one day.

Is anyone asking, in detail, about protections for the data which urban IoT will capture?

5/16/2014 7:47:04 AM
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Re: Whose Data?
@kq3ym, I apologize for adjusting the title in my response, that particular grammatical mistake is a pet peeve of mine. I knew you didn't mean "Who Is Data" since this isn't an article about Star Trek...

All jesting aside, you have posed an important question: Whose data is it, really? We'd like to think that any information about US is private property. Yet as you point out the lawyers will be arguing about that for a long time...and usually when attorneys argue they end up being the winners. Funny thing about that. I'm pretty sure that you and I won't be the beneficaries of any data ownership questions.

5/15/2014 4:35:58 PM
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Who's Data?
The ownership of data and who gets to use, profit, and manipulate the M2M interfaces will be an interesting problem that's going to see some battles arise. While the lawyers keep busy negotiating between the parties, there's bound to be some interesting cases where IoT data will be the subject of fault finding, and even alleged "theft" of trade secrets. 

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