Open Data = Freer Cities, Better Government

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elen 213
elen 213  
1/13/2014 6:41:49 AM
User Rank Village Voice
Such methods will help in making government aware of the present situation of the state and province. This is very good method to make better living conditions for people. The vedios was really good and nice.

Terry Sweeney
Terry Sweeney  
1/6/2014 5:00:46 PM
User Rank Blogger
Control issues
I love the idea of citizens and government working together to gather, sift through and interpret relevant data; I also know from direct experience that government data is easily politicized, and the people who touch it are often transformed into scapegoats (and in some cases, criminals). Like corporations, governments are loathe to wade into something they can't control from start to finish; that being said, I hope this doesn't stop them from pushing out new boundaries and experimenting a little.

Mary Jander
Mary Jander  
1/2/2014 11:56:53 AM
User Rank Staff
Re: Open Data
Thanks for the link, Pablo. Another way in which Barcelona is leading among cities. As someone mentioned below, though, just throwing data out there isn't really constructive. Note that Barcelona has taken the trouble to translate the data site. It's little steps like these that help an open data effort to succeed, IMO.

Pablo Valerio
Pablo Valerio  
1/2/2014 11:30:28 AM
User Rank Blogger
Re: Open Data
Mary, Happy New Year.

I believe cities need to open all data for citizens, businesses and research institutions to use. Barcelona has a dedicated portal for all public data it collects and shares.

Without compromising individual privacy access to this information helps develop new services, applications, and solves many issues.


Mary Jander
Mary Jander  
1/2/2014 10:46:13 AM
User Rank Staff
Re: Open Data
Open data does need to be accessible, and that calls for interface work on the part of IT. How can that best be implemented? I think open source software is a big help here.

1/2/2014 9:34:06 AM
User Rank Urban Legend
Open Data
Pablo, great article. Thank you for sharing and Happy 2014.

Open data is great, it just needs to be easily understandable to the average citizen. the search functions need to be easier to use and not give us a million hits (should be narrowed down to a few dozen at best).

The City of Burbank CA website is pretty accessable to various departments and you can search for different items, however, the Mobile Phone app is lacking in its ability to give you information you want.

How can cities with limited IT Budgets have access to the latest technologies, let alone upgrade for future uses?


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