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Walter Fieuw
Walter Fieuw  
7/22/2014 5:16:14 AM
User Rank Blogger
Re: Barcelona style
Susan, you have been tracking the developments in Barcelona for a long time. Its inspiring to see how all these innovations are coming together. This interview with Barcelona's director of urbanism, Vincente Guallart, is quite interesting:

"Crisis are great moments to change cities". "We are going to manage cities differently - in services and not in products"

Barcelona clearly has global ambitions. I wonder what the trade offs are between the technocrats and other pressing concerns...

7/18/2014 4:56:03 PM
User Rank Burgher
Re: Barcelona style

Barcelona is really such a shining city on the hill in so many ways. And now for reason of ICT too. A denser, livable city like Barcelona is really the right starting point for many smart technologies, the multiplier of goodness is so much greater than in the sprawling burbs. If onlyt the rest of the world could be more like Barcelona!

Kim Davis
Kim Davis  
7/18/2014 12:13:43 PM
User Rank Staff
Barcelona style
Note that Barcelona is innovating even in parts or the city where preserving the priceless historic fabric is mandatory .

7/18/2014 9:25:45 AM
User Rank Urban Legend
Smart Barcelona
The Spanish experiment is indeed worth looking at. It will be interesting to see how cost to implement cover the energy savings over years, and the improvment in citizens' lives in the city. The money costs and savings may be lots easier to measure than the other percieved values, although the latter might actually be the most valuable variable.

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