10 Tech Trends for Smart Governments

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Resurgent phoenix
Resurgent phoenix  
4/26/2014 8:33:58 PM
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Mobile devices
I love my iPad calendar...once an appointment is made in my shows on my calendar. It keeps me from double booking my work, personal, and other organizations. In the morning I am reminded of meeting for that day complete with alarms. I can pull up files in the field, at work or at home. It trumps the 7 habits of highly effective people calendar for organization!

4/21/2014 10:37:13 AM
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Re: One hit, one miss from Gartner
Transparency in government will surely be growing rapidly as data grows and the ability to put it online becomes easier and affordable for even small agencies. In Florida we have a so-called government in the sunshine law which requires public access to most everything. But, still some data is not available online yet, and some agencies require payment to access online databases. That should be changing as the public demands easier and complete access to records.

Terry Sweeney
Terry Sweeney  
4/17/2014 6:59:41 PM
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One hit, one miss from Gartner
I agree that making government data more transparent is on the rise, and I'd love to see more citizens and neighborhood associations start crunching that data for their own ends.

As for interoperability? They've been talking about it for 20+ years, and it remains in a sad state. Vendors realize interoperability creates too much "sameness," not to mention takes products closer to commodity status. Not holding my breath on that one.

4/17/2014 3:43:04 PM
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Tech Trends
I agree with all of them. I think the gaming portion of this number 10...can be expanded to Social interaction. We can also add Education - online learning/libraries/shopping to the mix 

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