The Right Way to Teach by Tablet

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Jim O'Reilly
Jim O'Reilly  
9/8/2014 8:11:44 PM
User Rank Blogger
Re: Interactive text book
We have to be carfeul not to "dumb down" the content. Surprisingly, most kids are expert level users of the Internet, and would not appreciate being treated as kids.

On the issue of constrianing access, that's a great idea. There's no reason that where they go can't be limited somewhat, especially in the lower grades. Roll on SchoolNet!

Resurgent phoenix
Resurgent phoenix  
9/8/2014 7:31:44 PM
User Rank City Slicker
Interactive text book
Do you think interactive textbooks can be a solution? Something like leapfrog on STERIODS. Students can have electronic text books that allow word definition, more exploratory access on the topic, videos and pictures. These text books can be limited to the subject without allowing access to videos, games or etc...

Jim O'Reilly
Jim O'Reilly  
8/26/2014 11:25:34 AM
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Re: Tablets
@davedgreat, The LAPD deal didn't sound right from the start. An upfront cost of $650 per tablet was way higher than necessary, even with Apple's content thrown in.

With other tablets as low as $150, that really meant that the Apple content had to be worth a lot, and I suspect it was sold as a comprehensive solution, without too much thought as to how the whole mess would be used in class.

Training the teachers and building the right infrastructure seems to have been a lower priority, too. This deserves to be a case study on the pitfalls of the approach.

Jim O'Reilly
Jim O'Reilly  
8/26/2014 11:11:46 AM
User Rank Blogger
Re: Balance technology and learning
@wisepoints, these are important points. The retention issue is certainly one to be looked at, but it's very complex with a lot of competing factors involved. I suspect that content that encourages a bit of depth in research on the part of the student might make up for the tendency to "skim" online, for instance.

SchoolNet needs a central kickoff point. This could be the Department of Education, but Washington isn't particularly known for creative solutions. Perhaps we should fund a consortium of universities to drive this, with some schoold districts represented to keep its feet on the ground.

8/26/2014 9:02:27 AM
User Rank Urban Legend
I just saw on the local News this morning that the LAUSD is suspending the Apple iPad tablets in schools. I didnt really catch why, but it probably has to do with the cost $1million and the fact that the kids can surf for Porn or play video games all day long instead of using them to learn something.

8/26/2014 7:27:45 AM
User Rank Village Voice
Balance technology and learning
Thanks for putting up brilliant case for Teach by Tablets. I can see some good take aways as highlights of Tablet usages.

1. Tablets can be connected to Cloud based School management system ( we have seen it works wonder in few of SaaS models based system) to setup the class.

2. I liked the thought of SchoolNet - Network secured and exclusive for schools. It can be build and run as service by MNO such as Verizon, AT&T, Etisalat, Vodafone etc.

3. I feel this case is similar to what PC did to EDP/MIS dept of large corporates in 1990s. Empowering Teachers and asking them to perform at their best using Tablets will be great. Ofcourse there has to be balance between browsing and class room teaching because most of the childs will be habituated to 'Browse and Learn' rather than 'Listen and Learn' ( Teacher Student Interactions).

4.Automation is fine to the extent of display of textbook to save paper as most of the schools like to go Green with less paper usage.

Low Lights:

1. Most important down side which has started showing it's impact - Wisdom, Retentivity and recall rate. It is seen that, students submitting online assignments ( Again we talk of age from 2 to 16 years) has low rates of Retentivity and recall compared to Written assignment. It's becuase of simple fact that, hand eye and brain combination of writing has longer life of rentetion.

2. Students performance in written exams goes low as they loose ahbit of writing so automation must be balance to avoid downfalls like this as entire purpose and benefits of automation gets diluted.

8/23/2014 12:31:45 PM
User Rank Urban Legend
Re: Just another tool
While the digital world is certainly here for the schools, I worry about the investments in hardware and digital goods that will become obsolete very quickly. Whether that investment would give a better return than traditional educational resources might be worth study. And similarly, how about figuriing out what is best for the differening categories of students, those with rapid learning skills vs. those who need a bit more help.

8/23/2014 12:09:57 PM
User Rank Blogger
Great Idea. Patent it now before google does indeed do it!! 

Jim O'Reilly
Jim O'Reilly  
8/22/2014 5:54:34 PM
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Re: surfing
Another alternative is to create the "SchoolNet". This would be a restricted subset of the standard internet. This would be a nice project for Google!

8/22/2014 3:44:53 PM
User Rank Blogger
Right. So a job for the schools IT manager then! Makes sense. I suppose its inevitable that tablets or other similar tech will get used in schools. A trail and error approach o their role will I am sure enable them to play the best part they can as a tool and not a replacement teacher. Interesting stuff.

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