My 10 Future Cities Highlights

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2/26/2014 8:45:57 PM
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I miss you too...
Hey @Rich, I will miss you too.. What I liked about your writing was your unique style in starting a blog. It kind of creates a curiousity first up and tends to ask for your attention through out the article. I particularly liked your blog on harvesting urine in Amsterdam.

Good luck for your future and thanks for all these blogs here on FC.

2/9/2014 1:02:57 PM
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Re: Great list!
Rich, you've had a wonderful run here on Future Cities and I've enjoyed reading your posts immensely! Thanks for sharing that beautiful picture of you and your daughter. I wish you the best at your next job!

PS. My favorite from your work was the gallery of brutalist buildings. Really enjoyed that one!

Terry Sweeney
Terry Sweeney  
2/7/2014 2:34:36 PM
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Until we meet again
Awwwwww, say it isn't so! We'll miss your distinctive and singularly intelligent voice, Rich. I've really appreciated your perspective on FC issues, and your departure is a loss to the site. I hope UBM has something else in store that's worthy of your talents. Regardless, best of luck in your next endeavor!

Nicole Ferraro
Nicole Ferraro  
2/7/2014 1:41:53 PM
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10 isn't enough!
Great list of highlights, Rich. I played some sad TV sitcom music in the background as I scrolled (not really). Fatberg may be my personal favorite item on your list. Truly creative, hilarious, and relevant. The trifecta! Well done, and thanks for this fun piece.

Mary Jander
Mary Jander  
2/7/2014 1:05:28 PM
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Great list!
Great list here, Rich, from a terrific journalist and a great guy too. (Didn't you mention you're a dad as well? ;>)

My preference in the above might be your slideshow on Brutalist Buildings, which indeed got me thinking again about what I once viewed as mostly horrible landscape blights. I've changed my mind on many of them. Well done!

And congratulations on your new post, though their gain is our loss. Best wishes!

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