US Intercity Rail Plan Backed by Japan

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Resurgent phoenix
Resurgent phoenix  
1/25/2014 1:38:31 PM
User Rank City Slicker
Would weather be an issue
Mary, would weather be an issue such as a snow storm, hurricane, etcetera...will it have a effect on the magnets pull, like the liquid did in the video.

1/17/2014 12:30:27 PM
User Rank Village Voice
Re: Baltimore and Washington?
From a city planning perspective, efficient transportation can encourage people to move away from the city to suburbans. Between Baltimore and DC actually makes sense for some. Buying a house, or even renting a place in Baltimore is definitely cheaper than in DC. I know many who live in Alexandria VA and Baltimore MD who commute everyday into DC. I don't know if a bullet train is necessary given they have subways already. 

Back to NYC, it costs more to take the Amtrak train than to fly to DC from New York, while the time to travel is the same. I definitely want to know how much it will cost to take this intercity rail. 

p.s. I really enjoyed taking bullet trains from Tokyo to suburbs. 

1/17/2014 10:38:24 AM
User Rank Staff
Re: Baltimore and Washington?
Nothing wrong about being snobby in favour of your own city... not that you were, by the way! I'd like to see high-speed trains between Oxford and central London. Whether it happens is another matter, but I certainly think it'd make my life better.

Nicole Ferraro
Nicole Ferraro  
1/16/2014 1:00:32 PM
User Rank Staff
Re: Baltimore and Washington?
Oh wait... that's just the first leg, with the final intended to connect NYC and DC? If that's so, then I am satisfied. :)

I spent about 4 hours on an Amtrak last night heading from Boston to NYC, wishing we had high-speed, inter-city rail. I must admit it terrifies me, though... the horror stories of early high-speed rail projects will scare me for years to come, I think.

Nicole Ferraro
Nicole Ferraro  
1/16/2014 12:57:27 PM
User Rank Staff
Baltimore and Washington?
I'm intrigued to see how this pans out, though I make it a policy to not waste energy getting excited about big, US infrastructure projects...

I'm a little puzzled by the route choice here -- between Baltimore and Washington? Is there really a big demand for a high-speed train between these cities? Not trying to be a NYC snob or anything, but I could think of a few more high-priority inter-city connections.

Terry Sweeney
Terry Sweeney  
1/15/2014 3:25:57 PM
User Rank Blogger
Surely there's room for just 25 more!
I hope the Japanese will either provide the necessary bullet train personnel or training of stateside pushers to ensure maximum efficiency per car/per trip. Passengers and taxpayers will insist on getting their money's worth!

1/15/2014 2:53:56 PM
User Rank Urban Legend
MagLev - Great Tech In Want Of Help
The Japanese plan would certainly bring a bit of "gee-whiz" tech to the U.S. But, unfortunately as pointed out there's not much support here. Probably, those car companies, trains and bus operators don't want to see there transport modes lose customers. And industry lobbyists for sure, aren't going to llend support in their talks with legislative leaders. But maybe some sort of industry consortium could pull it together with prospective profits, and tax advantages providing the incentive.

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