Culture Report: Long on Details, Short on Conclusions

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12/2/2013 4:25:51 AM
User Rank Staff
Re: Film Festivals
The Cannes Film Festival is actually held in Cannes, which is a city on the south coast of France, but there are other film festivals held in Paris.

Resurgent phoenix
Resurgent phoenix  
11/30/2013 9:19:05 PM
User Rank City Slicker
Film Festivals
Are you referring to the Cannes Film Festival in Paris?  ... it has less attendance than the New York and Toronto Film Festivals.  That is an interesting revelation. 

Nicole Ferraro
Nicole Ferraro  
11/18/2013 2:09:39 PM
User Rank Staff
Re: Oy...
Ha! Well said, PostSandy. I suppose this "culture report" is just following the rules of the digital age.

11/17/2013 6:40:26 PM
User Rank Village Voice
Re: Oy...
Who say you cannot count number of museums and people attending film festivals to measure culture? I am a worse person this year than I was last year because I have less average likes on my facebook timeline. But do not worry, twitter says I am a good person because my trend line of followers goes upwards. As this report said, "technological platforms" are the new ground. We measure everything, and analyze everything nowadays. ;-)

Nicole Ferraro
Nicole Ferraro  
11/15/2013 5:19:46 PM
User Rank Staff
Mary, thanks for sharing some of the "highlights" of this report, and giving your critical analysis. The bits that you quoted from the actual report were so poorly written that I had to laugh. This really doesn't seem like a useful piece of research. You can't really measure culture anyway, can you? Counting up museums and the number of people attending film festivals isn't really a great way to establish whether or not a place is culturally sound. Meh, I say.

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