The Economics of Pricey Panties

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11/23/2012 12:21:29 PM
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Re: Pricey indeed!
Mary, I checked out their Yelp page and found this hilarious review:

Maybe I'm crazy. Maybe I'm out of touch with reality, but $200 for a piece of fabric you're going to fart into seems absolutely insane to me.

I'd agree with her. $200 is too high a price to pay for a small piece of garment that will get farted on while it's being worn.

Mary Jander
Mary Jander  
11/14/2012 9:00:58 AM
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Re: Pricey indeed!
Indeed, DSM419. Somehow I think the point isn't wearing them -- it's being able to buy them.

The presence of this shop speaks to the local availability of wealth and a market for lux goods.

11/13/2012 9:19:14 PM
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Pricey indeed!
I'm annoyed with the cost of panties at Victoria's Secret, this place just seems outrageous! With prices that high, i'd feel weird even wearing them!

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