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Durham PD
IBM videos  
7/24/2014   Post a comment
Learn how the Durham Police Department has lowered crime by 50 percent.
Smarter Cities Overview - Smarter Cities Lead to a Better Quality of Life
IBM videos  
7/24/2014   Post a comment
Cities of all sizes can improve economic development, health, and safety with smarter infrastructures.
Michigan State University
IBM videos  
7/24/2014   Post a comment
Bombarding potential donors with fundraising requests can be ineffective, or even counterproductive.
Data Center Energy: Build Your Data Center in a Modular Way
Huawei Videos  
4/7/2014   Post a comment
Dr. Fang Liangzhou, VP Network Energy Product Line, shares his thoughts about the challenges for datacenters.
Agile Network Solution: An Overview of Huawei's Agile Network Solution
Huawei Videos  
4/7/2014   Post a comment
Huawei's Ajay Gupta gives an overview of the Agile Network Solutions during CeBIT 2014.
Huawei’s eLTE Voice Trunking, Video & Data Applied for Railways
Huawei Videos  
4/7/2014   Post a comment
Sales Director Gottfried Winter talks about Funkwerk's long-time partnership with Huawei.
LeaseWeb Speaks Highly of Huawei's Datacenter Products
Huawei Videos  
4/7/2014   1 comment
Rene Olde Olthof, Operations Director at LeaseWeb, talks about the next datacenter transformation during CeBIT 2014.
Impressed by Huawei Innovative eLTE Solution
Huawei Videos  
4/1/2014   Post a comment
As the world becomes more complex, and the demand for high bandwidth with strong availability and short latency increases, Siemens CVS needs a partner that can deliver the features required to serve a series of vertical markets.
A Talk With Spain's PTV Telecom
Huawei Videos  
3/21/2014   Post a comment
Jose Carrillo Ortiz, Operations Coordinator for Spain's PTV Telecom, talks to us about his impressions of the Huawei booth at CeBIT2014, what catches his interest, and his hopes for his future partnership with Huawei.
Sport Lisboa e Benfica Talks About Huawei
Huawei Videos  
3/19/2014   Post a comment
Portugal's Benfica is the largest membership club in the world. This means it has an extraordinary demand for partnerships with IT companies. Bernardo Faria de Carvalho, Director of Sales and International Expansion, tells us why, after a six-month search, the company decided on Huawei as the perfect partner for its newest projects.
Dazzling Star in CeBIT 2014: Huawei Data Center
Huawei Videos  
3/19/2014   Post a comment
At CeBIT 2014 Berthold B.H. Ochtrup, Business Development Manager for Datacenter at rz4you powered by DANES, prioritises for us his many considerations when choosing datacenters and how Huawei has met these challenges.
Huawei's Agile Network: TenICT Is Excited About the Future
Huawei Videos  
3/19/2014   Post a comment
TenICT, a consulting firm in the Netherlands, has been a valued partner of Huawei since 2005. Solution Manager Arjen Paul talks to us about what interests him the most at Huawei's exhibition at CeBIT 2014.
Huawei's New UPS Makes Great Leaps
Huawei Videos  
3/19/2014   Post a comment
Thamesgate is in the process of building a partnership with Huawei, as it considers Huawei's modular projects as one of the most advanced in the industry. Here, Robin Koffler, Director of the company, tells us more about this promising partnership.
ProdyTel Grows Together With Huawei in VC
Huawei Videos  
3/19/2014   Post a comment
ProTel, a distribution company in Germany and Austria, has been working with Huawei for the past two years. Its Managing Director, Christian Carrero, has always been Impressed by Huawei's video conference technology. In this video, Carrero tells us his expections of the partnership going forward.
Huawei CeBIT 2014 Highlights
Huawei Videos  
3/14/2014   Post a comment
At CeBIT 2014 in Hannover, Germany, Huawei showcased its impressive line of enterprise products and solutions to customers and analysts.
Smart City: High Hopes for the City of Tshwane & Huawei's Smart City
Huawei Videos  
3/13/2014   Post a comment
At CeBIT 2014, Lindiwe Kwele, Deputy City Manager of Tshwane (South Africa), talks about Tshwane's determination and progress in building the Smart City Project. She thanks Huawei for the great help for the Smart City Development in Tshwane.
eLTE in the Critical Communications Sector
Huawei Videos  
3/13/2014   Post a comment
eLTE is a wireless communication system for critical communications scenarios, providing critical communications for fire departments, police, as well as maintenance staff. With eLTE, Huawei provides a very wide range of communication and dispatching functionality.
Enterprise Collaboration: Bringing People Together in a Best-Ever Virtual Meeting Experience
Huawei Videos  
3/13/2014   Post a comment
User collaboration is a way forward in how teams can collaborate productively and efficiently. Edwin Diender from Huawei's User Collaboration & Communication introduces its multimedia video conference suit and its flagship products that make it possible.
Huawei IT at CeBIT: Make IT Simple, Make Business Agile
Huawei Videos  
3/13/2014   Post a comment
Jawee Sun walks us through the area where Huawei showcased its IT infrastructure, datacenter, and its three star products at CeBIT 2014.
Cities Must 'Row the Boat' Away From Rising Waters
Bill Finch  
2/4/2014   4 comments
The Mayor of Bridgeport, Conn., discusses the need for cities to take the lead on green efforts.
How Open Data Challenges Communities
Ike Leggett  
1/30/2014   2 comments
Ike Leggett, County Executive for Montgomery County, Maryland, discusses the local government's efforts to not just engage with and serve citizens using open data, but to challenge them to generate ideas and solutions.
Urbanized Suburbia: How to Strike a Balance
Ike Leggett  
1/28/2014   6 comments
Suburban areas are becoming more urbanized, presenting unique challenges. One such place is Montgomery County, Md.
100 Resilient Cities: 33 Chosen, What's Next?
Andrew Salkin  
1/9/2014   5 comments
On December 3rd, The Rockefeller Foundation chose the first 33 cities to receive funding and support through its 100 Resilient Cities Challenge. Here's what happens next.
How to Apply Green Rating Systems
Jason Hercules  
1/2/2014   5 comments
Green rating systems have become a source of contention and debate, and this is a good thing, says Jason Hercules of the US Green Building Council.
Sustainable Planning: A Neighborhood Approach
Jon Swae  
1/1/2014   3 comments
Jon Swae, a planner with the San Francisco Planning Department, discusses the benefits of the EcoDistricts approach to neighborhood development, and how to talk to communities about the need for sustainable planning.
Urban Planning: Take a Strategic View
Tina Saaby  
12/31/2013   6 comments
Copenhagen's approach to urban planning mixes a long-term strategic view with short-term experiments, says Tina Saaby, city architect at Copenhagen Municipality.
Why the DC Height Limit Debate Matters
Jason Hercules  
12/30/2013   19 comments
Height limits are important, but so is having a place for density, says Jason Hercules of the US Green Building Council.
How Cleveland Uses Data for Sustainability's Sake
Jenita McGowan  
12/27/2013   7 comments
For cities, setting sustainability goals is only half the battle. Charting and measuring progress is equally important, and all the more possible in today's age of data and analytics.
LEED for Neighborhood Development: Beyond the Building
Jason Hercules  
12/26/2013   3 comments
We've all heard of LEED, but what is LEED for Neighborhood Development? The US Green Building Council's Jason Hercules explains.
San Francisco Focuses on Urban Forestry
Jon Swae  
12/25/2013   5 comments
On Christmas Day, when homes all over are filled with pine trees, we hear from planner Jon Swae about San Francisco's Urban Forest Plan and how the city is seeking to grow its urban forestry.
Leaving NYC's DOT, With Safer Streets as Her Legacy
Janette Sadik-Khan  
12/24/2013   8 comments
Future Cities spoke with Janette Sadik-Khan about her legacy as transportation commissioner, the city she leaves behind, and what she hopes to see the next administration focus on as she and Bloomberg leave their posts.
Cleveland's Not Sustainable? Not So Fast
Jenita McGowan  
12/23/2013   8 comments
Despite claims that Cleveland, Ohio, doesn't care about sustainable growth, the city is pressing hard on an initiative to be sustainable by 2019, says Jenita McGowan, Cleveland's Chief of Sustainability.
US Cities vs. Climate Change: Time to Adapt
Abby Hall  
12/20/2013   10 comments
What can US cities learn from Europe when it comes to climate change? And how can the federal government make a difference?
Green Infrastructure: The Ultimate Solution
Abby Hall  
12/18/2013   9 comments
How does your city think about the possibilities for green infrastructure? Abby Hall, policy analyst at the US EPA, says it solves more problems than you think.
Architects Need Public Space Training
Jan Gehl  
12/13/2013   7 comments
Jan Gehl of Gehl Architects spoke to the Royal Institute of British Architects' annual research symposium.
Cities Must Share Tech Network Ideas
Peter Madden  
12/10/2013   10 comments
Cities in the developed world face challenges retrofitting tech into the built environment, while those in the developing world have the opportunity to install it early on. But all of them could benefit by sharing best-practices.
Pressure on Resources? Use Data
Peter Madden  
12/2/2013   6 comments
Cities around the world are working out how to accommodate more people and cope with increased pressure on resources; and making use of city data could help.
Businesses Must Lead on City Innovation
Eric Van der Kleij  
11/27/2013   8 comments
City leaders can encourage technological innovation, but the onus must be on businesses to come up with new ideas and implement them.
How Can ICT Make Cities Smarter?
Huawei Videos  
11/27/2013   Post a comment
Nicolas Alvaro, Program Coordinator for the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona, explains how ICT solutions can help cities increase sustainability, energy efficiency, and include more citizens in decision-making.
Robert Kogut Shares Insights on Huawei
Huawei Videos  
11/27/2013   Post a comment
Robert Kogut, Southern Europe Regional Director for Nomad LTD, has worked with Huawei on several projects. He says that Huawei will continue to succeed as it enters markets in developing countries.
Agadil Khamzin on Smarter Cities
Huawei Videos  
11/27/2013   Post a comment
Agadil Khamzin is Account Manager, Urban Industry Solutions, for Thales Kazakhstan. He discusses a few smart technologies that are already helping cities improve the lives of citizens.
Francesc Sabate on Smart Cities
Huawei Videos  
11/27/2013   Post a comment
Francesc Sabate is the Director of Masters in Automated Production and Robotics at Fundacio CIM Barcelona Tech. To him, a smart city means being to access information anywhere.
Huawei's eLTE System: Real Time Emergency Response Data
Huawei Videos  
11/27/2013   Post a comment
Norman Frisch, from Huawei's Enterprise Solutions, provides an overview of Huawei's eLTE System.
In Boston, a Museum Without Borders
Sam Aquillano  
11/21/2013   23 comments
At the recent EcoDistricts Summit, Future Cities met with Sam Aquillano, cofounder of Design Museum Boston, to talk about why a mobile museum makes sense in today's cities.
Retail Innovations Can Improve Cities
Eric Van der Kleij  
11/20/2013   6 comments
Developing new technology in the retail sector -- for both consumers and retailers -- can help to make life better for people living in cities.
How the Sharing Economy Redefines Waste
Mike Zuckerman  
11/19/2013   7 comments
Future Cities spoke with Mike Zuckerman, founder of Freespace, about how far the sharing economy has come, how it's changing our understanding of waste, and what the future holds.
Smart Cities Start With Smart Citizens
Peter Madden  
11/18/2013   1 comment
Cities that want to become "smarter" should encourage their citizens to be innovative and entrepreneurial.
Property Firms Can Shape Smart Cities
Eric Van der Kleij  
11/13/2013   4 comments
Real estate companies can help cities become smarter by fitting buildings with tech networks that can respond to the needs of individual citizens.
Future Cities Catapult: What Is It?
Peter Madden  
11/11/2013   11 comments
This year, the UK government set up the Future Cities Catapult, one of seven Catapult centres supporting innovation by British businesses.
Times Square Pedestrian Plaza: Where Are We Now?
Claire Fellman  
11/6/2013   3 comments
Phase One of construction of the pedestrian plaza in NYC's Times Square is underway. At the recent MAS Summit, Claire Fellman, landscape architect with Snohetta, discussed where the project is, where it's headed, and why this change was needed.
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