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 Smart Detective
Live Digital Audio  
9/30/2014   453 comments
The traditional functions of law enforcement and other emergency services have not changed. Creating and enforcing conditions for public safety, investigating crimes, conducting rescue operations, responding to natural and manmade disasters, and pursuing and apprehending criminals -- these all remain central law enforcement and public safety themes. What has changed dramatically is the technology available to achieve these traditional ends. Geographical software to provide context to data; real-time video from street cameras and smartphones; sensors for navigation inside buildings; augmented reality for contextual, field-of-view information; lasers for 3D imaging; facial recognition and biometrics for identification; big data analytics for forensics -- all are in various stages of development and adoption. In this radio show, Kishore Jethanandani will discuss these and other technologies and the effectiveness, safety, and speed they bring to law enforcement and emergency response.
 Busting PDF Myths: What You Need to Know to Maximize Efficiency & Productivity
Live Digital Audio  
2/20/2014   83 comments
Check the website of any business, organization, or city government worldwide, and you'll find plenty of PDF files containing a range of crucial information. Over time, this mountain of unstructured data is expected to grow ever larger as more material than ever needs to be shared electronically between individuals and organizations. The PDF format is uniquely suited to handling this challenge. It is compact, secure, easy to store, paper saving, and convenient. What's more, PDF is a universally accepted industry standard, and tools to support PDF file management don't come just from Adobe. Alternative solutions are available from companies like Nuance Communications, which explains in this radio presentation how any organization can make PDF workflows more flexible, secure, and cost-effective for everyone. Don't miss this opportunity to learn important truths about PDF that will save your organization time and money.
 Bettina Damiani, Project Director, Good Jobs New York
Live Digital Audio  
1/7/2014   80 comments
At Good Jobs New York, Bettina Damiani has worked to bring more transparency and public participation to the use of subsidies for large economic development projects. Her research has looked at the allocation of federal funds after the attacks at the World Trade Center site and the subsidies for a new Yankee Stadium. Before joining GJNY, she worked for New York City Public Advocate Mark Green and the Coalition for the Homeless. She has a BA in communications and peace studies from Manhattan College and a master's degree in urban affairs from Hunter College. She is also a recipient of the 2006-2007 Revson Fellowship at Columbia University.
 Mitchell Silver, Chief Planning Officer, Raleigh, N.C.
Live Digital Audio  
12/12/2013   120 comments
Mitchell Silver is the immediate past President of the American Planning Association (APA) and now serves as the Chief Planning and Development Officer and Planning Director for Raleigh, N.C.

An award-winning planner with over 28 years of experience, Mitchell specializes in comprehensive planning, land use planning, and implementation strategies. Before coming to Raleigh in 2005, Mitchell worked as policy and planning director in New York City; as a principal of a New York City-based planning firm; as a town manager in New Jersey; and as deputy planning director in Washington, DC.

 David Panagore, New Haven Parking Authority
Live Digital Audio  
11/13/2013   45 comments
David Panagore is currently the Acting New Haven Parking Authority Executive Director. He has 20 years of experience managing major municipalities and city development organizations. He was previously Chief Administrative Officer for the City of Hartford, Conn., and Chief Development Officer for the city of Springfield, Mass. He has also led major development projects in San Jose, Calif., and Boston.
 Rob Bennett, CEO, EcoDistricts
Live Digital Audio  
10/24/2013   75 comments
Rob Bennett is the CEO of EcoDistricts, an organization that helps cities establish green, sustainable, resilient, and innovative neighborhoods of the future through public-private partnerships. Prior to the EcoDistricts Summit, set for Nov. 12-14 in Boston, we'll talk with Bennett about how cities can establish EcoDistricts (and why they should). We'll discuss real-world examples of cities that have successfully adopted this model already.
 Matt Nichols, Principal Transportation Planner, Berkeley, Calif.
Live Digital Audio  
10/21/2013   120 comments
As the Principal Transportation Planner for the City of Berkeley, Calif., Matt Nichols is on the cutting edge of the latest trends in urban transit. Among the projects he's working on are a demand-responsive parking pricing pilot program; the first electric bikeshare program; and a major BART transit stations reconstruction.
 Benjamin Barber, Political Theorist & Author: 'If Mayors Ruled the World'
Live Digital Audio  
10/16/2013   116 comments
Join us for this live digital audio show with Benjamin Barber on Wednesday, October 16, at 11:00 a.m. EDT | 4:00 p.m. BST | 5:00 p.m. CEST.

Benjamin Barber is a senior research scholar at The Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society at The City University of New York; president and founder of the Interdependence Movement; and a political theorist who has written 17 books including If Mayors Ruled the World, published in October. He will join us to discuss the central idea in his book that more progress would be made on tackling global issues like climate change if city mayors were in charge rather than national politicians; and his proposal to set up a global Parliament of Mayors.
 Dr. Anthony Townsend, Research Director, Institute for the Future; Author of Smart Cities
Live Digital Audio  
10/9/2013   91 comments
Dr. Anthony Townsend is the research director at the Institute for the Future; as well as a senior research fellow at NYU's Rudin Center for Transportation. His new book, Smart Cities, examines the "quest for a new utopia" through the use of technology. We'll talk to Dr. Townsend about the major themes in his book, as well as his belief that big companies are backing off their smart cities projects, making way for the rise of civic hackers.
 Beth Jackson, Director & Curator, Artfully
Live Digital Audio  
9/25/2013   110 comments
Beth Jackson is a curator of contemporary art and a consultant in Brisbane, Australia, focused on commissioning permanent and temporary public artworks in the public and private sectors. She has worked on projects for residential, commercial, governmental, and mixed-use developments. Over the past decade, she has seen public art grow from being seen as a separate component and civic adornment to being part of broader architectural and design integrations to what is now a more social conversation around placemaking, sustainability, and creative communities. We will discuss with her the ongoing evolution of public art and its place in current and future cities.
 Andrew Burr, Director, Institute for Market Transformation
Live Digital Audio  
9/5/2013   113 comments

Andrew C. Burr, LEED AP, is director of building energy performance policy at the Institute for Market Transformation (IMT) in Washington. The IMT advises state and local governments on the design and implementation of building performance policies. Burr researches best-practices and the economic benefits of these policies, including job creation.

Seven cities and two states have adopted energy rating and disclosure laws. All of them require building owners to track their properties' energy use, but the laws vary in factors such as the size and type of buildings they affect and whether the energy use data must be disclosed publicly or just to potential tenants or buyers. We will discuss with him the ongoing progress of these and other policies geared toward making buildings more energy efficient and therefore more valuable.

 Nicholas You, Chair, Steering Committee, UN-HABITAT
Live Digital Audio  
8/30/2013   368 comments
Join us for this live digital audio show with Nicholas You on Friday, August 30, at 10 AM EST | 3 PM BST | 4 PM CEST.

Nicholas You, an architect and economist by training, has had extensive experience working on sustainable development worldwide. After a long career working with international organisations focusing on housing and urban development, he was elected as Chairman of the Steering Committee for the UN-HABITAT World Urban Campaign. He also currently serves as the Chairman of the Quality Assurance Group for urban infrastructure of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) and of the Urban Strategy Council (USC) of GDF-Suez. In advance of the upcoming Future of Cities Forum in Hamburg, Germany, where You will be chairing the panel discussion on governance, Future Cities will speak with him about the need for "regenerative" cities, and how to achieve them through proper governance and public participation.

 Jan Gehl, Founding Partner, Gehl Architects
Live Digital Audio  
8/14/2013   264 comments
Join us for this live digital audio show with Jan Gehl on Wednesday, August 14th, at 10 AM EST | 3 PM BST | 4 PM CEST.

Jan Gehl is a renowned architect (MAA & FRIBA), urban design consultant, and founding partner of Gehl Architects. The focal point of his work has been on building cities that cater to people. This has also been the focus of his groundbreaking books, such as Life Between Buildings [1971] and Cities for People [2010]). During our program, and in advance of his keynote at the upcoming Future of Cities Forum, we'll talk with Gehl about building cities for people, the importance of public spaces that promote public life, and how to design cars out of our future cities.

Gehl will participate in a 30-minute audio interview, to be streamed live here, followed by a live chat discussion on the message board below, during which he will answer listeners' questions directly. Please register now to join us!

 Bill Hughes, Managing Director, Legal & General Property
Live Digital Audio  
8/7/2013   238 comments
Bill Hughes is managing director of Legal & General Property, one of the UK's three largest investment managers, managing real estate assets worth £10.4 billion. Hughes is the chairman of the industry sustainability group at the Green Property Alliance, and he is set to become the president of the British Property Federation in 2014, where he will lobby the government on key policy issues. In this audio show, he will discuss the opportunities and challenges that green buildings present to the real estate sector, the situation in the UK, and how London compares with other cities around the world.
 Joe Montgomery, CEO & Greg Clark, Senior Fellow, ULI Europe
Live Digital Audio  
7/12/2013   180 comments
Please join us for this live radio show at 8 a.m. EDT/12 p.m. GMT/1 p.m. UK.

This audio chat features Joe Montgomery, Chief Executive, and Greg Clark, Senior Fellow, at research and education organization Urban Land Institute (ULI) Europe. In July, ULI Europe will publish research looking at the benefits and risks of bidding for major sporting events. We'll discuss last year's London Olympics, the recent protests in Brazil, and the three cities bidding for the 2020 Olympics -- Istanbul, Madrid, and Tokyo.

 Mining the Gold in City Data
Live Digital Audio  
6/18/2013   448 comments
Cities are sitting atop enormous data resources but missing opportunities to produce groundbreaking innovations for agencies and citizens. But it is easier than you may think to get on track with smart applications that benefit your city – and your urban brand.

Join us at 12:00 p.m. ET on June 18 as we interview Jason Cheung, database architect with the Vancouver Police Department, about how he helped to draw a range of data silos into a single system for his city. We will explore with Jason the issues he's confronted, and the solutions he and his team have found to create a smart-city tool based on publicly available information – without breaking the budget.

Listeners will learn:
  • How to identify data with application potential
  • The best method to eliminate data silos
  • How to deal with resistance
  • How data mining can save costs – and lives
 Private Data, Public Good: Drawing the Line
Live Digital Audio  
6/6/2013   337 comments
The roster of applications incorporating publicly available data is growing, but so are privacy concerns around its use. With the Boston Marathon attacks still fresh in our minds, it's time to discuss the potential uses and abuses of municipal information and to make some tough choices about the tradeoffs involved in sacrificing some private information for the greater public good. Join us on June 6 at 12:00 p.m. ET as we interview Jonathan Feldman, CIO of Asheville, N.C., who will be able to address the security methods deployed by IT that can help reassure citizens that their information, when used for public benefit, will remain safe. Attendees will learn: • What citizens’ primary concerns are regarding publicly available data • Where some municipalities are drawing the line when using public data • What the toughest tradeoffs and risks may be for choosing to use or not to use public data • A vision for the future of privacy and publicly available information
 Managing the Human Factor in HVAC
Live Digital Audio  
5/30/2013   359 comments
For many HVAC professionals, daily issues can crowd out the larger picture, keeping organizations from saving on operational and capital costs – and wasting energy. When your people are in the midst of repairing the datacenter air conditioning, for instance, it’s not likely they’ll be focused on making that system more efficient. But if you train HVAC personnel to focus not only on the immediate problem but on its larger context, savings will follow – and so will enterprise customer applause. In this radio program scheduled for 12:00 p.m. ET on May 30, featuring HVAC management and training expert Mike Moore, Future Cities will cover ways that HVAC managers can work more effectively with technicians to make any environment more efficient and sustainable. Attendees will learn: • How to help HVAC technicians spot opportunities for upgrading • The best way to propose energy-saving solutions to employers or customers • How to work with resistant or troublesome technicians, employers, or customers • How to avoid vendor interference with solutions
 Brian Swett, Chief of Environment & Energy, Boston
Live Digital Audio  
5/9/2013   128 comments
Brian Swett was appointed last summer by
Sponsored by
Boston's Mayor Thomas M. Menino to be the city's Chief of Environment and Energy. In advance of the VERGE Boston event, to be held on May 13th and 14th, we will talk with Swett about sustainability efforts underway in Boston, what global cities can learn from Boston when it comes to aligning energy efficiency with citywide plans and programs, and more.
 Neil Thompson, Senior Vice President, British Council for Offices (BCO)
Live Digital Audio  
5/8/2013   120 comments
Join us for an interview with Neil Thompson, Portfolio Director at Great Portland Estates; and Senior Vice President of the British Council for Offices (BCO), at 2:00 p.m. BST (9:00 a.m. EST). Thompson is responsible for managing a central London property portfolio worth more than £1.8 billion. In May, he will chair the British Council for Offices (BCO) annual conference in Madrid. We'll discuss how offices must change in response to the shifting needs of businesses, the impact of the financial crash on the office market, and the wisdom of converting unused offices into homes.
 All About Datacenter Collocation
Live Digital Audio  
3/26/2013   610 comments

With today’s tighter budgets, some city governments and industry leaders are finding it more practical to rent datacenter facilities rather than construct their own. However, choosing to go this route can lead to a whole host of questions to consider.

Subscribe to this radio show and get the answers to some of the important questions regarding collocation facilities such as:

  • What are the costs associated with renting a datacenter facility?
  • Will it comply with the regulations of my industry?
  • How will the security issues be addressed?

After years of trending upward, pricing for large collocation deals is stabilizing in some markets, according to industry sources. With this pricing stabilization, companies can now explore the idea of collocated datacenters and the challenges associated with them. This radio show will address these questions and will discover when it may pay to collocate, what to look for in a collocation facility, and the cities worldwide that feature the most options for collocation facilities.

 Top Trends in HVAC
Live Digital Audio  
3/12/2013   249 comments
Systems that monitor and control heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) are undergoing a transformation, with good reason: Most of the energy used in buildings, hospitals, campuses, and datacenters is consumed by HVAC. Join us as Juan Carlos Toro (PE, LEED, AP, HBDP, CPMP, and one of Engineering News Record's latest "Top 20 Under 40") describes how smart approaches to HVAC can boost sustainable usage in the built environment.

Tune in as we talk in-depth with Juan Carlos about the growing importance of HVAC. Listeners will learn:

  • How equipment contributes to HVAC efficiency
  • The role of control in improving HVAC performance
  • How commissioning determines HVAC effectiveness
 Tools to Manage Temperature
Live Digital Audio  
1/15/2013   253 comments
Temperature control in the datacenter is a hugely important issue, particularly as the world's cities get hotter every year. This audio show will feature Schneider Electric's Joe Capes, who can discuss the benefits of cooling solutions, lay out the premier products on the market, and provide case study examples of their usage in datacenters throughout the world.
 Cities at War (For Your Datacenter)
Live Digital Audio  
1/8/2013   271 comments
John Boyd, Principal at The Boyd Company, has used the words "second war among the states" as a comparison for the competition that’s currently heating up among cities in the US that are seeking to be your datacenter hosts of choice. We'll discuss this present-day "war" with Boyd and get his perspectives on who’s winning and why.
 Greening the Datacenter
Live Digital Audio  
12/18/2012   243 comments
What makes for a "green datacenter"? What US cities are best for hosting green datacenters, and why? This radio show will feature a Q&A with Ron Vokoun, who will talk about the importance of green datacenters, where some exist today, and what qualities a datacenter must have to be truly green. We'll also ask Vokoun for his perspective on a recent study rating Sioux Falls, S.D., as the top datacenter city in the US, and whether this is also a prime location if your business is concerned with going green.

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