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8 New Jobs City Hall Needs Now
Future Cities Report  
1/31/2014   47 comments
City Hall isn't what it once was. In the age of big data, big storms, and more, local governments must recruit a whole new range of professionals. Here are eight new positions that your local government should be hiring for this year.
12 Bold & Bizarre Visions for Cities
Future Cities Report  
11/22/2013   24 comments
There's no shortage of bold and bizarre ideas on how to make our future cities more livable, sustainable, and efficient. Whether many of these ideas are feasible is another story.
Top 100 City Innovators Worldwide
Future Cities Report  
10/14/2013   7 comments
The Future Cities 100: Celebrating the Top 100 city innovators across a range of industries and specialties, including built environment, civic engagement, government, and beyond.
Discover the World's Greatest Internet Cities
Future Cities Report  
8/26/2013   23 comments
Check out our take on cities doing the best Internet job worldwide.
The State of New Cities: Konza, Zhujiang, Songdo & Rawabi
Future Cities Report  
7/24/2013   6 comments
New cities all over the globe are attracting multibillion-dollar investments and lots of press. We've taken a close look at four to weed out the hope from the hype – and to determine the true state of new cities worldwide.
Stop These City Naysayers
Future Cities Report  
5/31/2013   22 comments
The future rests with cities, whether people like it or not. It's time for urbanization naysayers to get out of the way.
25 Women Who Are Shaping Cities
Future Cities Report  
4/30/2013   26 comments
Women are changing and shaping cities all over the world, and their influence is only bound to grow. Here are 25 (or so) who are making the biggest difference.
5 World-Changing Urban Projects
Future Cities Report  
4/15/2013   26 comments
In this report, we showcase projects around the world that will have major significance to the future of cities.
10 City Jobs That Are Cool Again
Future Cities Report  
3/29/2013   27 comments
Here are the 10 jobs that are making a "cool" comeback, thanks to the growth of cities, and 10 people making the biggest difference in these fields.
10 Terrible Ideas for Tomorrow's Cities
Future Cities Report  
2/28/2013   55 comments
From "smart" subway straps to pop-up housing and rabbit cafes, here are 10 of the worst ideas we've heard of yet for tomorrow's cities.
China's Dirty Dozen: The Most Polluted Cities in the PRC
Future Cities Report  
1/22/2013   35 comments
The recent air pollution crisis in Beijing showcases a nation of polluted cities.
The 10 Smartest Cities in Asia/Pacific
Future Cities Report  
1/4/2013   22 comments
A comprehensive look at the top 10 cities in Asia/Pacific ranked the "smartest" based on a range of essential criteria.
13 Cities to Watch in 2013
Future Cities Report  
12/19/2012   17 comments
For their innovative efforts, for the challenges they face and examples they stand to set, here are the top 13 global cities to watch in the year ahead.
The 10 Most Unemployed US Cities
Future Cities Report  
11/29/2012   20 comments
The unemployment lines are longest in these top 10 US cities. Here's why and what's being done about it.
Top 20 Leaders in Urbanization
Future Cities Report  
10/23/2012   10 comments
A look at the 20 individuals who are leading the global cities movement.
A Conversation With Richard Florida
Future Cities Report  
10/13/2012   11 comments
Richard Florida is the thought leader of the “Future Cities” movement that is redefining global real estate. Claer Barrett of the Financial Times interviewed him. Photographs by Nick Cunard.

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