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Obama's Transportation Plan Is a Wakeup Call
Mary Jander  
2/28/2014   18 comments
President Obama has plans to help fund US infrastructure improvements. Can he get Congress on board?
Ferries Float Choices for City Commuters & Planners
Mary Jander  
2/27/2014   17 comments
Boats are an appealing alternative to buses and trains for urban commuters. City planners would be wise to take note.
Chicago, Detroit Picked to Host Manufacturing Tech Hubs
Mary Jander  
2/26/2014   28 comments
Chicago and Detroit will become manufacturing innovation hubs thanks to a project launched by President Obama.
Why Smart Cities Need Cloud Services
Mary Jander  
2/25/2014   15 comments
Cloud services are key to implementing smart-city applications.
From the Mayor's Desk: De Blasio Caught on Video, Horror in Kiev
Mary Jander  
2/21/2014   17 comments
New York's mayor has some 'splaining to do, Boston wants Pope Francis, Boris isn't standing for it, and more…
Google Fiber to Expand (a Bit) as Cities Explore Broadband
Mary Jander  
2/20/2014   35 comments
Google is at it again, offering US cities the fiber service they crave. Is it another science project, or something to consider?
New York Parks Present Funding Conundrum
Mary Jander  
2/20/2014   14 comments
New Yorkers are confronted with puzzling questions about the funding of public parks.
The Sensored City: Thoughts & Cautions
Mary Jander  
2/19/2014   8 comments
Progress with the Internet of Things could put citizens at risk of giving too much power to city governments and others.
10 Unexpected Cities to Love
Mary Jander  
2/14/2014   22 comments
Here is a Future Cities valentine to 10 cities around the world that are quietly creating urban paradigms to emulate.
Why Cities Don't Need the Olympics
Mary Jander  
2/13/2014   28 comments
The Olympics aren't the only way cities can draw attention to their assets.
Cities Face Real Cost of Luxury Housing
Mary Jander  
2/12/2014   11 comments
Sociologist Saskia Sassen warns that luxury housing is weakening the urban fabric of cities.
Target Breach: A Warning for 'Dumb' Smart Buildings
Mary Jander  
2/11/2014   12 comments
The recent Target data breach showcases the importance of security for smart building systems.
Brazil Commuters Take to Streets & Stations
Mary Jander  
2/10/2014   9 comments
Another transit hike in Brazil's cities, another sweep of protests.
Miami Developer Sees Project in Ruins
Mary Jander  
2/7/2014   13 comments
A prehistoric village has been unearthed where one of Miami's biggest developments is nearly finished. This sets the stage for a large-scale fight between developers and presevationists.
Sochi Issues Could Mar Games' Success
Mary Jander  
2/6/2014   30 comments
Can Russia's Olympic host city make good on its promise, despite the controversies and troubles surrounding these games?
Scientists Study How Cities Can Make Us Happier
Mary Jander  
2/5/2014   8 comments
Is your city stressing you out? Scientists find the link between happier people and urban planning.
10 Heroin Capitals in the US & Beyond
Mary Jander  
2/4/2014   18 comments
Here are 10 cities around the world where heroin addiction has generated a host of problems. Is yours on the list?
A Tale of Two City Branding Projects
Mary Jander  
1/31/2014   18 comments
City branding isn't a matter of getting a new website, as the experience of these two cities clearly shows.
The 7 Urban Underdogs of the USA
Mary Jander  
1/30/2014   11 comments
These seven cities don't anticipate growth in their gross municipal product in 2014.
15 Ancient Cities & What They Teach Us
Mary Jander  
1/28/2014   30 comments
These 15 ancient cities can help modern urbanites plan more efficient and sustainable municipalities.
From the Mayor's Desk: A Major Mayoral Meetup & More
Mary Jander  
1/24/2014   8 comments
From Washington to Japan and back to Toronto, mayors worldwide rivaled the snow in newsmaking.
Chicago's Data Projects: Overblown or On Target?
Mary Jander  
1/23/2014   12 comments
Chicago's big-data projects seem unwieldy, but there is a sound core plan informing them.
Singapore Sets Example With New Data Scientist
Mary Jander  
1/22/2014   5 comments
Singapore is serving as a test case for developing urban analytics, including hiring experts to create same.
IBM Cloud Collection Adds Options for Cities
Mary Jander  
1/17/2014   7 comments
Cities seeking cloud services have more options from IBM, thanks to its rollout of datacenters in 40 cities worldwide.
How 6 Cities Won the 'Working Cities Challenge'
Mary Jander  
1/16/2014   5 comments
Cross-sector collaboration helped six Massachusetts cities share $1.8 million in grants this week.
5 Great Cities That Are at Risk
Mary Jander  
1/15/2014   20 comments
Appearances can be deceiving: Here are a handful of cities where surface appeal hides potentially devastating pitfalls.
US Intercity Rail Plan Backed by Japan
Mary Jander  
1/15/2014   7 comments
Japan wants to fund a magnetic levitation technology (maglev) train system linking northeastern US cities.
Top US Cities for Analytics Salaries
Mary Jander  
1/14/2014   6 comments
A new survey shows the US cities where analytics experts can earn the most.
NYC Building Moves From 'Death Star' to Star
Mary Jander  
1/13/2014   4 comments
The "Death Star" of Astor Place in New York City has become the hub of IBM's new business unit.
Of Pope Francis & Urban Progress
Mary Jander  
1/10/2014   23 comments
Pope Francis has something in common with today's best urbanites.
Energy Management: Key to Smart Buildings
Mary Jander  
1/9/2014   2 comments
Building energy management systems (BEMS) make buildings smarter, but not necessarily easier or cheaper to manage.
Snow Removal Challenges Cities
Mary Jander  
1/7/2014   41 comments
Snow removal policies require a focus on key elements to work in most major cities.
FC Radio 1/7: Bettina Damiani on City Subsidies!
Mary Jander  
1/6/2014   2 comments
Join us on Future Cities Radio to discuss public private partnerships and municipal subsidies with Bettina Damiani, project manager of Good Jobs New York.
Cities Love Clouds But Want Them More Secure
Mary Jander  
1/6/2014   5 comments
Cities love cloud services, but governments are paying a lot more attention to security and privacy these days.
5 Urban Tech Trends to Watch in 2014
Mary Jander  
1/3/2014   14 comments
Forget smart cities. Let's get specific about what technologies will grown in the coming year, thanks to urban demand.
5 City IT Projects to Watch in 2014
Mary Jander  
1/1/2014   10 comments
Here are five urban IT projects we think are set to win big this year -- and serve as examples for cities everywhere.
Top 10 City Scandals of 2013
Mary Jander  
12/30/2013   24 comments
Let these epic urban fails serve as lessons on what cities should avoid at all costs.
City Managers Get Fat Checks & Big Questions
Mary Jander  
12/19/2013   21 comments
Inflated salaries for city managers in California are a wakeup call for citizens everywhere.
Interactive Display Boosts Community in Montréal
Mary Jander  
12/18/2013   24 comments
A recent interactive digital display project in Montréal demonstrated how technology can unite online and offline social engagement.
IBM: City Analytics Is Key Trend
Mary Jander  
12/17/2013   10 comments
IBM's annual list of top 5 innovative technologies includes smart cities; and it's not just hype.
Privatized Trash Collection Mostly a Win for Cities
Mary Jander  
12/16/2013   13 comments
Privatizing trash collection has proven to be a positive move in many cities, but it's important to do that math right up front.
Urban Tech Startups Need Support
Mary Jander  
12/12/2013   14 comments
Startups honored by the World Economic Forum don't address enough fundamental urban needs.
Live Radio: Raleigh's Chief Planner Tackles Soaring Growth
Mary Jander  
12/11/2013   4 comments
Tune in to Future Cities Radio for our interview with Mitchell Silver, chief planning and development officer, Raleigh, N.C.
Nelson Mandela: An Urbanist Remembered
Mary Jander  
12/10/2013   6 comments
The legendary visionary and hero of peaceful leadership was also savvy about urban issues, as a report from the 1990s reveals.
City Analytics: The Expertise You Need May Be Your Own
Mary Jander  
12/10/2013   3 comments
City analytics projects may not require the enlistment of expensive consultants. Check that guy or gal down the hall.
US City Sets Bar for E-Government
Mary Jander  
12/9/2013   15 comments
The city of Louisville, Kentucky, stands out for its e-government platform.
Bitcoin Questions Emerge for Cities
Mary Jander  
12/6/2013   16 comments
Bitcoin virtual currency could present opportunities -- and dangers -- for city businesses and governments.
City Council Meetings: Go at Your Own Risk
Mary Jander  
12/5/2013   16 comments
City council meetings can be dangerous to your health. Just ask these folks.
Singapore's Government Cloud Sets an Example
Mary Jander  
12/4/2013   2 comments
Singapore's government leads cloud innovation for its citizens, instead of relying on vendor input.
Detroit, Officially Bankrupt, Braces for Pension Cuts
Mary Jander  
12/3/2013   19 comments
Detroit is legitimately bankrupt, Judge Steven Rhodes has ruled, and the city will be allowed to cut municipal pensions.
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