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1.8 Million Catalans Vote For Independence
City Diaries  
11/10/2014   4 comments
Our Barcelona correspondent witnesses Catalonia's unofficial vote for independence from Spain.
Tió de Nadal: A Catalan Tradition
City Diaries  
12/24/2013   11 comments
This Christmas, don't forget to feed your magical pooping log -- that is, if you're in Catalonia.
A Holiday Crush
City Diaries  
11/22/2013   14 comments
New York City at holiday time is beautiful – but watch your personal space.
Time Stops at Time Warner Cable
City Diaries  
10/14/2013   16 comments
Cutting the cord on cable feels great... if you can survive the hour and a half wait at Time Warner's New York City store. Customer service? Not so much.
2 New Yorks
City Diaries  
9/19/2013   15 comments
New York's midtown 42nd Street area has been transformed over the last decade. Hopefully, the momentum will stay.
Celebrating Barcelona, With Dragons & Devils
City Diaries  
8/21/2013   14 comments
Arriving in Barcelona in time for the correfoc, and quickly learning why sleeves and long pants are the recommended attire in August.
Where, Oh, Where Does This Food Cart Go?
City Diaries  
8/15/2013   24 comments
A food cart doesn't really belong in a bike lane. But where else is it expected to roll along?
City vs. Countryside Life
City Diaries  
8/5/2013   12 comments
A week-long holiday in an English countryside gets Rich Heap pondering life in the city and the countryside. Which is better?
Airbnb: Peril of Partying Neighbours
City Diaries  
7/1/2013   30 comments
Finding out who you're renting from on Airbnb is easy. But, as Rich Heap discovers, you only find out about their neighbours in the middle of the night.
A Portal to the Unseen
City Diaries  
6/21/2013   7 comments
The Cathedral of Seville prompts one to think of unseen realms.
The Only Hotel in Camberwell
City Diaries  
6/12/2013   14 comments
People say, "You can't go home again." But that didn't stop Rich Heap from making one last trip to his former home in South London.
Cable Car Terror at 295 Feet
City Diaries  
6/6/2013   21 comments
The Emirates Air Line cable car scheme in East London proves too much for one woman.
Sojourn in a Food Desert
City Diaries  
6/3/2013   16 comments
Meals are grim when the price of nutrition can't be met.
Lisbon Lives, Alive & Limping
City Diaries  
5/22/2013   22 comments
In Campo Pequeno, the fight inside the ring is all too reminiscent of the everyday struggle for the people of Lisbon.
Je Pense que Je Vais Ętre Malade
City Diaries  
5/17/2013   13 comments
Croissants in Paris never sounded less appealing.
My Friend, Cristiano Ronaldo
City Diaries  
5/16/2013   17 comments
A visit to Real Madrid's Bernabeu stadium is packed with children and vanity.
Beware the Bear Dance
City Diaries  
5/15/2013   12 comments
Dancing bears can be threatening, and expensive.
A Communication of Color
City Diaries  
5/2/2013   20 comments
A visit to Amsterdam's Van Gogh Museum reveals an artistry that can't be communicated in print.
Waiting for Polly
City Diaries  
4/17/2013   6 comments
A reluctant visit to CBGBs in the 90s turns sticky and sour.
Buying a Bomb in Bolivia
City Diaries  
4/8/2013   12 comments
Buying a stick of dynamite in one of the world's oldest, and at one time richest, cities.
Rumination in the Ruins
City Diaries  
4/3/2013   8 comments
In Sevilla, Spain, the present lives alongside the past, an eloquent lesson in adaptability.
Train Connection
City Diaries  
3/26/2013   15 comments
In the presence of a drunken "pole" dancer, two commuters find their future on the 1 Train.
Pedaling Among Peddlers in Tel Aviv
City Diaries  
3/21/2013   16 comments
Finding newfound respect for commuting, and customer service, in Tel Aviv.
A Jazz Oasis in the Mekong
City Diaries  
3/18/2013   6 comments
Finding the jazz scene, and envying its leader, in Ho Chi Minh City.
NYC in a Box: A Filipino Wish List
City Diaries  
3/7/2013   8 comments
Heading from the big city to the small village, bearing an assortment of questionable gifts.
Knock Knock Knockin' on Eric's Door
City Diaries  
3/4/2013   6 comments
Learning the perks of not really working for Eric Clapton, in St. Paul.
Taxicab Clarity
City Diaries  
2/26/2013   16 comments
A taxi driver shares wisdom on life, love, and humanity on Thanksgiving.
Soiled Sea
City Diaries  
2/12/2013   11 comments
Taking a dip in the Arabian Sea seemed like a great idea... until it didn't.
No Leash Laws for Istanbul
City Diaries  
1/31/2013   17 comments
Stray dogs have been part of the populace in Istanbul for many years, but urban renewal is changing that.
Saving the Planet, Spanish-Style
City Diaries  
1/28/2013   24 comments
In Barcelona, those are not your grandmother's shopping trolleys.
City Diaries  
1/24/2013   11 comments
The evolution of snow and snow culture over the course of the past in European cities.
Winter in San Diego
City Diaries  
1/22/2013   17 comments
Winter in San Diego means tough times for the homeless. Whether we turn our heads or seek to help those who won't return the favor speaks volumes about our humanity.
Free Falling
City Diaries  
1/18/2013   13 comments
Not-quite bungy jumping in Cairns...
A Not-So-Bad Neighborhood
City Diaries  
1/15/2013   7 comments
City College of New York, like the Harlem district that surrounds it, remains memorable, despite being perceived as dangerous.
From 3 Stars to Homeless
City Diaries  
1/11/2013   8 comments
A birthday in Paris starts with dinner and ends with squatting.
Christmas Eve in Shanghai
City Diaries  
1/2/2013   7 comments
Albino reindeer and cheerful children mark the coming of Christmas in Shanghai.
Death (of a Suitcase) in Venice
City Diaries  
12/27/2012   12 comments
A suitcase's death foreshadows mayhem to come in Venice, Italy.
Singing in the Rain
City Diaries  
12/14/2012   6 comments
Learning the price one must pay to see free theater in NYC, and growing closer to friends in the process.
Reclaiming Mexico City
City Diaries  
12/12/2012   5 comments
A plea to turn off the news and give the region a chance.
A Second Look at a Landmark
City Diaries  
12/4/2012   2 comments
Saint John, New Brunswick, is more than a dismal landmark on the way to the US border.
Losing an iPhone... & Dinner
City Diaries  
11/30/2012   23 comments
Having everything in the palm of your hand in one device is great, until that device gets stolen.
Urban Awakening for a Sleepy Island?
City Diaries  
11/27/2012   6 comments
If Don Det does become more urbanized, the locals may just sleep right through it.
Tel Aviv Under Attack
City Diaries  
11/15/2012   9 comments
Dining with friends, a woman in Ramle, Israel, wonders what the repercussions will be of this latest deadly attack on Tel Aviv.
A Star Shines in Glasgow
City Diaries  
11/14/2012   3 comments
For Blondie, a sweater serves as no source of protection in Glasgow.
The Economics of Pricey Panties
City Diaries  
11/12/2012   3 comments
A pricey pair of panties signals an enduring upscale clientele on Halifax's Spring Garden Road.
A South Bronx Mugging
City Diaries  
11/9/2012   7 comments
Some muggings are more welcome than others.
Living Without Possessions
City Diaries  
11/8/2012   10 comments
Learning to move on with less baggage.
A Mission for Macaroons
City Diaries  
11/7/2012   9 comments
An American in Paris must have macaroons.
A Marathon Week
City Diaries  
11/5/2012   4 comments
How sharing a taxi with strangers brings light to a dark week.
A Friend of Larry's
City Diaries  
11/2/2012   2 comments
Any friend of Larry's is... well... anyone.
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