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City Buses: Time to Go Out With the Old?
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2/18/2014   23 comments
City buses have been jokingly compared to cattle cars for generations. What would make the bus less of a “bust” for commuters in your city?
Expanding the Power of GPS
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2/3/2014   6 comments
As cities seek new ways to prevent traffic deaths, should we give more power to GPS devices to restrict speeds?
Chief Data Scientists
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1/23/2014   13 comments
More cities, such as Singapore, are appointing chief data scientists to oversee analytics projects. Is this a necessary addition to city government?
Putting Analytics First
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1/9/2014   8 comments
A range of city functions can be augmented with big data analytics. What’s your take on the top candidates?
Urban Priorities 2014
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12/23/2013   19 comments
It’s time to set goals for the year ahead. Tell us what your city’s top plan is -- or should be.
Hiding the Homeless
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11/26/2013   15 comments
Cities like Los Angeles are considering laws to prohibit homeless people from "loitering" in downtown areas or congregating outside soup kitchens or shelters. What’s your opinion?
Mayoral Misbehavior
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10/31/2013   12 comments
Many cities struggle with mayors who misbehave in their public or private lives. When is it time to show his or her honor the door?
Cities That Never Sleep
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10/16/2013   15 comments
Should city services and businesses remain open ’round the clock? Tell us below.
Test-Bed Cities
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9/17/2013   13 comments
Masdar in Abu Dhabi is being built as a future, sustainable, carbon-neutral city in the desert. But are test-bed cities like this really our future, or just passing fads?
Tax for Transit
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8/28/2013   7 comments
Some cities are adding a smidgeon of sales tax to cover the costs of transit upgrades. What is your view?
How Do You Rate Green Ratings?
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8/5/2013   13 comments
Energy-rating systems for buildings (LEED, BREEAM, Green Star, etc.) have won many real estate developers lots of green publicity and other benefits, but they have also come under fire. What do you think?
New Cities: Where to Put Them?
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7/18/2013   8 comments
Should new cities be built on previously undeveloped land?
Whither the Waterfront?
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7/1/2013   17 comments
Should coastal cities continue to develop waterfront property?
Skyscrapers: For or Against?
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6/13/2013   30 comments
Citizens everywhere have mixed feelings about high-rise buildings. Give us your view.
Surrendering Data for the City's Sake
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5/21/2013   16 comments
Cities can use information about users, such as their GPS locations, for a range of civic applications. Are you OK with this?
Metro Buzzwords
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5/10/2013   10 comments
Rallying for Rail
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4/26/2013   14 comments
Eat Bugs, Not Beef
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4/15/2013   25 comments
There’s a movement afoot to develop insects as a new form of sustainable food. Are you ready for this?
Full Cycle
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4/4/2013   24 comments
City residents are rethinking how they get around. Where are you in the move to two-wheeled, open-air transport?
Smart Grid Hyperbole
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3/20/2013   Post a comment
Sugar Showdown
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3/12/2013   2 comments
Big City Bailouts: Help or Hindance?
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3/4/2013   5 comments
Big cities like Detroit can and do get into hot water financially. Should they be rescued by broader government entities?
Ready to Ride, Not Drive?
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2/25/2013   9 comments
Park Priorities
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2/11/2013   5 comments
Staying Ahead of Homelessness
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1/30/2013   6 comments
Host Cities
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1/22/2013   10 comments
How important is hosting big events to the economy and brand of a city?
Content Consumption Preferences
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1/14/2013   4 comments
From Toilet to Tap?
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1/4/2013   1 comment
Are you in favor of recycling toilet water into drinking water?
Urban Priorities
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12/21/2012   4 comments
What do you hope will be your city's top priority in the year ahead?
Safety in the City
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12/13/2012   5 comments
The State of Public Transit
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11/26/2012   11 comments
How efficient is public transportation in your city?
Climate & Cities
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11/5/2012   7 comments
In the wake of Hurricane Sandy and other extreme weather events in recent years, are you worried about the effect climate change is having on future cities?
Surveillance Cities
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10/22/2012   3 comments
How do you feel about law enforcement using surveillance and tracking technologies to monitor and fight crime in cities?
City Woes
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10/12/2012   9 comments
Different cities face different challenges. What's the biggest problem in your city?

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