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Some Days You're the Pigeon, Others You're the Statue
9/23/2014   2 comments
Are cities still commissioning new statues, or is this practice a thing of the past?
Cities Smooth the College Application Process
Ariella Brown  
9/22/2014   5 comments
Cloud-based application tracking is taking some of the headaches out of the college application process for students in some cities.
City of Austin Broadens Data Analysis Efforts
9/19/2014   5 comments
Austin picks MicroStrategy to help the city analyze data across municipal departments, from police and fire to maintenance and permitting.
Drones Over Manhattan? Not Yet
Jim O'Reilly  
9/18/2014   19 comments
Drone technology is cheap, and there's plenty of hoopla -- but there are problems with the idea. Think drones over Manhattan.
Chicago: The Analytics of Safer Dining
Kim Davis  
9/17/2014   6 comments
Chicago is using big data to target inspections of food service establishments.
Time for a Reset for Citi Bike
Projjal Dutta  
9/16/2014   18 comments
There's room for a successful bike share program in New York City, but it's time for Citi Bike to make some adjustments.
Entrepreneurs Seek Bridge to Iran
9/15/2014   4 comments
A high-tech conference in Iran struck an upbeat note, despite challenges
DNA Profiling Tackles 'Murder Most Foul'
Kim Davis  
9/12/2014   6 comments
Advances in DNA profiling help solve serious crimes, old and new.
Reconstructing 911 for Connected Cities
Kishore Jethanandani  
9/11/2014   6 comments
Emergencies and disasters demand seamless communications among responders and with the public, and new technologies are stepping up to provide them.
'Ridesourcing' Offers Promise, Peril for Cities
Scott Ferguson  
9/10/2014   15 comments
Thanks to Uber, Lyft, and others, the market for on-demand, app-ready ridesharing programs in cities is taking off. However, this side of the sharing economy comes with caveats.
IoT & Mobile Give Government IT New Challenges
9/9/2014   4 comments
New mobile devices and the coming Internet of Things might change the way government identifies workers and allows data access, say experts.
Robocop Just Got Real
Alan Reiter  
9/8/2014   20 comments
Robots are standing ready to police schools and communities.
Vienna: Smart & Smarter
Boyd Cohen  
9/4/2014   5 comments
Under Mayor Michael Häupl's leadership, Vienna has a framework plan to build on its already solid reputation as a smart city.
The Community Is an Urban Design Asset
James Byrne  
9/3/2014   20 comments
Recent awards emphasize that community participation can enhance urban planning.
NYC vs. Vegas: 10 Fun Interop Differences
9/2/2014   2 comments
Which city has enough neon light to circle the entire continental United States? Learn the answer and other funky facts about Vegas and New York -- site of the next Interop conference.
Urban Gun Violence: A Micro Approach
Kim Davis  
8/29/2014   19 comments
IoT technologies, combined with the theory of micro-policing, could help combat urban gun violence in a manner approved by the whole community.
Poland: It's Raining Schoolbooks
Pablo Valerio  
8/28/2014   21 comments
Thanks to IBM, Polish city schools are getting their e-texts direct from the cloud.
Making Cities Smarter Through Wireless Broadband
Atul Bhatnagar  
8/27/2014   25 comments
In many ways, wireless broadband is already paving the way to smarter urban living.
US Launches Smart Cities Effort
8/26/2014   4 comments
Uncle Sam is looking for more than a few good engineers to help build smarter cities around the world.
ShotSpotter Combats School Shootings
Alan Reiter  
8/25/2014   67 comments
Smart cities can use smart audio technology to listen for gunshots. Now, schools will be able to use the same technology to help thwart shootings in schools.
9 Technologies That Power New York City
8/22/2014   13 comments
From space exploration robotics to subway subsystems, New York has technology to cover everything. Check out some cool examples near the Javits Center, home to Interop New York, and beyond.
Forbes' Uncool Coolest Cities List
Kim Davis  
8/21/2014   18 comments
The Forbes list of America's coolest cities is at best unconvincing, at worst unintelligible.
WiFi Offloading Comes to European Cities
Pablo Valerio  
8/20/2014   12 comments
Mobile network operators are using WiFi offloading to channel mobile traffic through wireless hotspots.
Robot Room Service Hits Aloft Hotel Group
8/19/2014   12 comments
At Aloft Hotels, a robotic butler will deliver small goods to hotel guests upon request.
Barcelona Tackles Metro Pickpockets
Susan Llewelyn Leach  
8/18/2014   17 comments
Barcelona launched a successful police operation to change its image as the pickpocket capital of Europe.
Philadelphia Boosts Digital Connections With Citizens
8/15/2014   5 comments
Philadelphia taps Salesforce and Unisys to ensure its "Philly 311" cloud and mobile program stays on top of all non-emergency requests from potholes to noise complaints.
The Right Way to Teach by Tablet
Jim O'Reilly  
8/14/2014   23 comments
Schools are investing heavily in online teaching. Are we ready to do it right?
Healthcare Big Data: Blessing & Curse
8/13/2014   3 comments
Interpreting government-released healthcare data correctly will pose a massive challenge for analysts, policy makers, and pundits.
Urban Design: Safety Without Walls
Walter Fieuw  
8/12/2014   25 comments
There are many positive alternatives to isolating crime zones in cities, and building figurative or literal walls around them.
WWI at 100: What It Meant for the Future of Cities
Scott Ferguson  
8/11/2014   24 comments
This month marks the 100th anniversary of the start of World War I. When we think of the so-called 'Great War,' we need to think about how cities changed as the conflict carried on for four years, and what lessons we might apply to today's metropolises.
Quality of Life Policing Under Attack
Kim Davis  
8/8/2014   33 comments
New York exported its zero tolerance policing strategy to cities around the nation and around the world -- but has it outlived its purpose?
Slideshow: 9 Vanishing City Jobs
Pablo Valerio  
8/7/2014   23 comments
Urban transformation is threatening the elimination of some traditional city roles.
New York: Young Ideas for Social Cohesion
Jordan Fraade  
8/6/2014   6 comments
The Roosevelt Institute brought young people together to plan economic and social inclusion programs for New York communities.
The World's Most Hackable Cars
8/5/2014   4 comments
Researchers find 2014 models of Dodge Viper, Audi A8, and Honda Accord are the least likely to be hit by hackers.
Turning Smart Cities Into Playable Cities
Alan Reiter  
8/4/2014   14 comments
Urban planners need to consider the importance -- and practical uses -- of fun.
Big Data & Open Data Keys to Smart Cities, Part 2
Scott Ferguson  
8/1/2014   10 comments
IHS analysts reveal that big data and its close cousin, open data, are laying the foundations for smart cities. Part two of a two-part blog.
Big Data & Open Data Keys to Smart Cities, Part 1
Scott Ferguson  
7/31/2014   17 comments
IHS analysts reveal that big data and its close cousin, open data, are laying the foundations for how metropolises can change the way we think about governance, infrastructure, public safety, and more.
Does Climate Change Pose a Security Risk?
Projjal Dutta  
7/30/2014   11 comments
Climate change can cause, undermine, and even overcome national and international security risks.
Thailand: Social Co-Production of Services
Walter Fieuw  
7/29/2014   10 comments
Co-production holds the key to community participation in public service delivery.
Samsung's Silicon Valley Home
7/28/2014   17 comments
Samsung won't be the last major player to build a high-tech temple in Silicon Valley.
Gesturing at a Wearable Future
Kim Davis  
7/25/2014   57 comments
Wearable technology makes baby steps towards connecting us with a digitized world.
Down These Mean Streets Go ... 3D Lasers
Kishore Jethanandani  
7/24/2014   15 comments
Detectives are learning how to reconstruct crime scenes using 3D laser technology.
Google to Turn NYC Payphones Into WiFi Hotspots
7/23/2014   17 comments
New York is looking for a payphone payoff. Google, Samsung, and others expected to submit bids for the project.
Chicago Installs Sensors With Artistic Flair
Alan Reiter  
7/22/2014   23 comments
Chicago plans to beautify, not conceal, its data collection sensors.
Urban Observatory Maps Comparisons Between Cities
7/21/2014   8 comments
Urban data map, bound for the Smithsonian by way of Esri's user conference, was created in partnership with Richard Saul Wurman, architect, graphic designer, and founder of the TED conference.
US Smart Home Adoption Outpaces Others
Scott Ferguson  
7/18/2014   16 comments
When it comes to taking advantage of the Internet of Things at home, Americans are outstripping the rest of the world as a result of an aggressive push by the security system market. But countries like China and Germany are catching up.
Smart Avenue, Barcelona
Susan Llewelyn Leach  
7/17/2014   9 comments
Paseo de Gracia, Barcelona's elegant shopping boulevard, is being transformed into the city's smartest.
Analytics Can Support Social Impact Bonds
Kim Davis  
7/16/2014   4 comments
The SIB strategy -- "pay for success" -- can benefit from government's increasing ease with big data analytics.
3D Printing Begins at Home
James Byrne  
7/15/2014   10 comments
Is 3D printing the house-building technology of the future, or is it just the latest pre-fabrication fad?
San Diego Taps Big Data to Optimize Transit
7/14/2014   4 comments
San Diego Metropolitan Transit System studies bus and trolley ridership patterns using Urban Insights' predictive analysis platform.
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