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Big Data & Open Data Keys to Smart Cities, Part 1
Scott Ferguson  
7/31/2014   4 comments
IHS analysts reveal that big data and its close cousin, open data, are laying the foundations for how metropolises can change the way we think about governance, infrastructure, public safety, and more.
Does Climate Change Pose a Security Risk?
Projjal Dutta  
7/30/2014   5 comments
Climate change can cause, undermine, and even overcome national and international security risks.
Thailand: Social Co-Production of Services
Walter Fieuw  
7/29/2014   8 comments
Co-production holds the key to community participation in public service delivery.
Samsung's Silicon Valley Home
7/28/2014   11 comments
Samsung won't be the last major player to build a high-tech temple in Silicon Valley.
Gesturing at a Wearable Future
Kim Davis  
7/25/2014   49 comments
Wearable technology makes baby steps towards connecting us with a digitized world.
Down These Mean Streets Go ... 3D Lasers
Kishore Jethanandani  
7/24/2014   15 comments
Detectives are learning how to reconstruct crime scenes using 3D laser technology.
Google to Turn NYC Payphones Into WiFi Hotspots
7/23/2014   17 comments
New York is looking for a payphone payoff. Google, Samsung, and others expected to submit bids for the project.
Chicago Installs Sensors With Artistic Flair
Alan Reiter  
7/22/2014   23 comments
Chicago plans to beautify, not conceal, its data collection sensors.
Urban Observatory Maps Comparisons Between Cities
7/21/2014   7 comments
Urban data map, bound for the Smithsonian by way of Esri's user conference, was created in partnership with Richard Saul Wurman, architect, graphic designer, and founder of the TED conference.
US Smart Home Adoption Outpaces Others
Scott Ferguson  
7/18/2014   16 comments
When it comes to taking advantage of the Internet of Things at home, Americans are outstripping the rest of the world as a result of an aggressive push by the security system market. But countries like China and Germany are catching up.
Smart Avenue, Barcelona
Susan Llewelyn Leach  
7/17/2014   9 comments
Paseo de Gracia, Barcelona's elegant shopping boulevard, is being transformed into the city's smartest.
Analytics Can Support Social Impact Bonds
Kim Davis  
7/16/2014   4 comments
The SIB strategy -- "pay for success" -- can benefit from government's increasing ease with big data analytics.
3D Printing Begins at Home
James Byrne  
7/15/2014   10 comments
Is 3D printing the house-building technology of the future, or is it just the latest pre-fabrication fad?
San Diego Taps Big Data to Optimize Transit
7/14/2014   4 comments
San Diego Metropolitan Transit System studies bus and trolley ridership patterns using Urban Insights' predictive analysis platform.
Studying Gaza City
Kim Davis  
7/11/2014   10 comments
Through the turmoil, smart urban planning for Gaza City continues.
The World Cup: Other Reasons Brazil Isn't Happy
Projjal Dutta  
7/10/2014   21 comments
The stunning defeat at the hands of Germany just adds to the list of Brazil's World Cup discontents.
Asia Points the Way to Sustainability, IoT Use
Scott Ferguson  
7/9/2014   11 comments
A building boom is underway in Asia, leading to an increase in sustainable construction that supports a growing, urbanized population. The Internet of Things is helping to pave the way.
IBM Turns Cheek, Takes On China's Problems
7/8/2014   5 comments
IBM sales are down in China, but the company is doubling down with a 10-year initiative to address the country's energy and environmental problems.
New York's Green Botanical Centers
Ariella Brown  
7/7/2014   30 comments
Two New York boroughs boast award-winning green visitor centers at their botanical gardens.
The Data-Driven City Needs Citizen Involvement
Christine Parizo  
7/4/2014   17 comments
Building the data-driven city of the future will take citizen participation.
Doctors: A Missing Key to Sustainability
Scott Ferguson  
7/3/2014   15 comments
A report finds that many people look to their physicians to learn about living healthy lives, including the impact of where their homes are and how they are built. However, doctors lack critical information about sustainable living.
Internet Of Things: New Architecture Needed
7/2/2014   9 comments
Today's Internet architecture isn't ready for the scale of what the IoT should become. Here's a proposal for something better.
Barcelona's Bold Procurement Program
Boyd Cohen  
7/1/2014   4 comments
Barcelona is turning to "procurement for innovation" to leverage creative solutions to urban challenges.
Minneapolis, San Francisco Tops in Green Office Space
Scott Ferguson  
6/30/2014   12 comments
A new report by the real estate company CBRE looks at green office space in 30 different markets across the United States and finds that the Twin Cities and San Francisco are the two cities with the most Energy Star- and LEED-certified commercial buildings.
Slideshow: Brazil's 10 Other Cities
Kim Davis  
6/26/2014   21 comments
The World Cup has given us a glimpse of Brazilian cities that aren't Rio. We take a closer look.
Driverless Cars: The Downsides
Projjal Dutta  
6/26/2014   30 comments
The very efficiency of driverless cars may present a threat to greener environments and more cohesive communities.
Qatar: A Green World Cup?
Susan Llewelyn Leach  
6/25/2014   27 comments
Qatar's promise that the 2022 World Cup final will be held in a sustainably constructed stadiums has come under scrutiny.
Brazilian Telecoms Go LTE-Advanced
6/24/2014   7 comments
Brazilian cities with over half a million inhabitants were mandated to support universal 4G before the Copa Mundial -- and it's not stopping there.
Smart Cities Should Be Social Cities
Kieron Kirkland  
6/23/2014   19 comments
We need to build future communities for future cities. Technology can help.
New York Builds for Flood Resilience
Kim Davis  
6/19/2014   10 comments
Designing for resiliency: NYC's new local laws discussed by Andrew Ciancia, managing principal and executive VP, Langan Engineering.
Turn Out the Lights – Including LEDs
James Byrne  
6/18/2014   27 comments
LED lighting systems are efficient, but may be contributing to light pollution.
Transportation Dept. Wants to Regulate Smartphone Maps
6/17/2014   8 comments
The US Department of Transportation seeks the power to determine whether smartphone apps are a danger to drivers.
Tourism: Barcelona's Cautionary Tale
Susan Llewelyn Leach  
6/16/2014   35 comments
Barcelona's tourism success needs to be more smartly managed.
Can We All Afford the Cost of Energy-Efficient Design?
6/13/2014   8 comments
Do people fail to see the ROI on sustainability.
Slideshow: 7 Sustainable Manhattan Buildings
Kim Davis  
6/12/2014   14 comments
Eco-friendly, LEED-certified buildings are not always where you expect to find them -- in New York, anyway.
Emergency Texting Not Ready for Prime Time
Alan Reiter  
6/11/2014   34 comments
Sending text messages to emergency services is not as great an idea as it sounds.
Federal CIOs Feel Hobbled By Congress
6/10/2014   7 comments
Government IT leaders struggle to incorporate cloud and mobility, bolster security amidst outdated government policies and budget constraints, says study.
Focusing on Latin America's Changing Cities
Kim Davis  
6/9/2014   9 comments
Photographic glimpses of Latin American cities in a period of change teach lessons for future urban planning.
Political Churn Means Lots of New Faces in Los Angeles
Terry Sweeney  
6/6/2014   13 comments
A congressional seat, two county supervisor positions, and county sheriff office are all up for grabs in November.
IoT Helps Fight Noise Pollution
Pablo Valerio  
6/5/2014   9 comments
Wireless sensors and smartphone apps are weapons in the fight against urban noise annoyance.
Who Owns the Space Above Your Garden?
6/4/2014   12 comments
It's just not clear who has authority to regulate unmanned aircraft like drones.
Why Strategic Planning Makes Sense for Cities
Walter Fieuw  
6/3/2014   14 comments
Strategic planning can bind together a city's competing interests, needs, and goals.
Links in the Urban IoT Chain
Kim Davis  
6/2/2014   6 comments
Cisco highlights a series of projects which further test the viability of IoT and IoE solutions.
Home Sweet iHome
Kim Davis  
5/30/2014   17 comments
Apple launches its domestic Internet of Things initiative.
Traffic Accidents Waiting to Happen
Alan Reiter  
5/29/2014   30 comments
Research demonstrates lax security for traffic system sensors.
Leading Smart Cities Promote 5P Collaboration
Boyd Cohen  
5/27/2014   25 comments
The 5P model, which adds professors to the public-private-people mix, is gaining traction in the world's most innovative cities.
Cisco IoE: When Will Its Time Come?
5/23/2014   17 comments
Cisco execs say their grand vision of the Internet of Everything is taking shape in new products and services. But some analysts and customers still find the picture fuzzy.
Barcelona to Deploy Nissan's All-Electric Taxi
Pablo Valerio  
5/22/2014   47 comments
Barcelona aims to be the first city to use Nissan's NV200 as an all-electric taxi and delivery vehicle.
London's Brilliant, Says PwC
Kim Davis  
5/21/2014   35 comments
London hits number one for the first time in PwC's Cities of Opportunity report.
Qualcomm Preps IoT
5/20/2014   9 comments
Qualcomm is developing a portfolio of technologies to help the connected environment become a reality.
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