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Updating Our Top Twitter List
Kim Davis  
4/23/2014   3 comments
Putting together the best of the best future city Twitter feeds is a steep task. Let's get started.
Madrid's Bikes Are Buzzing
Susan Llewelyn Leach  
4/22/2014   4 comments
Electric bikes are one of the attractions in the city's new bike share scheme.
IoT Blooms in San Francisco
4/21/2014   1 comment
Startups in SF's new IoT town are focused on intelligent coffee makers, drones, and burger bots.
Big Ideas in Hannover
Nick Meeten  
4/18/2014   11 comments
The ICLEI town hall at Metropolitan Solutions is a forum of growing importance for the exchange of ideas on city planning.
Capturing Hearts & Minds for Greener Cities
Jane Henley  
4/17/2014   5 comments
Community engagement can bring the green city dream nearer to reality.
10 Tech Trends for Smart Governments
Kim Davis  
4/16/2014   3 comments
A new report outlines the future tech environment for smart governments.
Internet of Things Engages City Visitors
Pablo Valerio  
4/15/2014   11 comments
In Barcelona, talk of deploying IoT technologies to enhance the tourist experience.
Internet of Things Demands Open Standards
4/14/2014   6 comments
IoT will shift the focus from technology to ideas -- if we get integration right. Heterogeneous System Architecture is a step in that direction.
IoT World Forum Comes to Smart Chicago
Kim Davis  
4/11/2014   6 comments
The Internet of Things World Forum returns in October 2014, and Chicago looks like a good fit as host city.
US: Streetcars Blossom, but so Does Controversy
Alan Reiter  
4/10/2014   29 comments
Retro streetcar transit systems in US cities are quiet, inexpensive, and stuck in their tracks.
Bluetooth: A Solution for the Internet of Things
4/9/2014   7 comments
If you're looking for a low-energy tool to power the data-swapping implied by the Internet of Things, you could do worse than look at Bluetooth.
Paying for the Cities of the Future
Rick Robinson  
4/8/2014   13 comments
Tomorrow’s cities will look like magic. But the real trick is how to pay for them.
Cartoon Caption Contest: Pop Your Corks!
Kim Davis  
4/7/2014   9 comments
Another Starbucks card winner!
From the Mayor's Desk: We'll Always Have Paris
Kim Davis  
4/4/2014   9 comments
Trials and tribulations -- some self-inflicted? -- beset mayors around the world, but there are exciting opportunities for the new mayor of Paris.
Free Public Transport: Tallinn's Mixed Results
Susan Llewelyn Leach  
4/3/2014   24 comments
Free public transport attracts pedestrians, not car drivers, in Tallinn -- but still has benefits.
Kroger Solves Top Customer Issue: Long Lines
4/2/2014   16 comments
The Kroger supermarket chain uses QueVision to ensure customers never have more than one person ahead of them.
Dublin's Smart City
Kim Davis  
4/1/2014   19 comments
Thanks to Intel, Dublin is set to become the world's most densely sensored city.
Barcelona: Smart Cities, Meaningful Solutions
Pablo Valerio  
3/31/2014   21 comments
Barcelona is one of the world's original smart cities. According to deputy mayor Antoni Vives, smart solutions today must be meaningful to citizens.
Lawsuit Raises Red Flags For Government Cloud Users
3/28/2014   14 comments
A California lawsuit suggests the federal government must take stronger steps to protect government data from data mining and user profiling by cloud service providers.
Smart IT Buying: How US Cities & States Can Save on Costs
Jim O'Reilly  
3/27/2014   28 comments
Modern buying practices, judicious use of software-as-a-service, and cooperative efforts can save city and state governments a fortune.
London to Test Pedestrian-Oriented Traffic Signals
Alan Reiter  
3/26/2014   57 comments
Isn't it about time traffic signals favored pedestrians? London is about to test that proposition, while New York is taking a cheekier approach.
Cartoon Caption Contest: More Bounty
Kim Davis  
3/25/2014   5 comments
Announcing our latest contest winner.
Windows XP Storm Warning
Kim Davis  
3/24/2014   16 comments
Municipal and other governments around the world are facing a heap of problems as Microsoft withdraws support for Windows XP.
IDC: Massive Growth in Smart Building Tech Spending
Kim Davis  
3/21/2014   6 comments
IDC Energy Insights predicts a 28.4% compound annual growth rate in the global smart building technology market through 2018.
Mexico City's Better Buses
Jordan Fraade  
3/20/2014   21 comments
Mexico City could teach other municipalities some lessons about rapid and efficient bus transit.
NYC Mayor Needs Analytics In His Corner
3/19/2014   6 comments
Will New York mayor Bill de Blasio inherit predecessor Bloomberg's data-driven mindset.
Washington & Chicago to Introduce NFC Ticketing
Pablo Valerio  
3/18/2014   15 comments
The US is getting its first experience of smart NFC ticketing for public transportation.
Smarter Doesn't Mean Less Human
Kim Davis  
3/17/2014   17 comments
A sustainability advocate and a conservative philosopher both maintain faith in human planning and goals.
From the Mayor's Desk: Riots, Gifts & Horses
Kim Davis  
3/14/2014   7 comments
The latest scares, scandals, and shenanigans from mayors around the world.
Coming Soon: City Toilets, for Members Only
Alan Reiter  
3/13/2014   45 comments
Is having access to a clean, public restroom a privilege worth paying for? POSH Stow and Go seems to think so.
Cartoon Caption Contest: Another Winner
Kim Davis  
3/12/2014   3 comments
Hilarity ensues, with a scarecrow and a historic flower 'n' veg market in central London.
Cities Are Going to the Chickens
Terry Sweeney  
3/11/2014   22 comments
Local municipalities must get to grips with rules and regulations around numbers, noise, sanitation -- and in some areas -- abandoned chickens.
Set the Controls for the Heart of the City
Kim Davis  
3/10/2014   14 comments
Here's to the continuing journey toward future cities.
The Future of Future Cities: Time for a Change
Nicole Ferraro  
3/7/2014   23 comments
A personal farewell blog, and an update on the changing faces at UBM's Future Cities.
Want to Promote Greener Living? Try Emoticons
Nicole Ferraro  
3/6/2014   17 comments
California's East Bay Municipal Utility District is using emoticons to compare water habits amongst neighbors and encourage conservation. How else might cities make use of some neighborly competition?
Smart Towns: Living Labs for Smart Cities
Pablo Valerio  
3/5/2014   10 comments
The Spanish towns of Irun and Hondarribia in Basque Country have joined together on a smart cities project that may serve as a case study for larger cities, like Barcelona.
When Night Comes, Tate Britain's Robots Will Tour
Alan Reiter  
3/4/2014   15 comments
London's famous Tate Britain will soon deploy robots for night tours of the museum.
How to Fund City Growth? Value Capture
Walter Fieuw  
3/3/2014   14 comments
Governments should look to land value tax to fund large city-building projects.
Obama's Transportation Plan Is a Wakeup Call
Mary Jander  
2/28/2014   17 comments
President Obama has plans to help fund US infrastructure improvements. Can he get Congress on board?
From the Mayor's Desk: Rome Faces Shutdown
Nicole Ferraro  
2/28/2014   10 comments
Rome's mayor warns of a city shutdown, Detroit's Duggan hosts a State of the City address, and more in this week's Mayor's Desk update.
Ferries Float Choices for City Commuters & Planners
Mary Jander  
2/27/2014   16 comments
Boats are an appealing alternative to buses and trains for urban commuters. City planners would be wise to take note.
Barcelona Plans for Efficiency, Block by Block
Pablo Valerio  
2/27/2014   18 comments
A block-by-block renovation for energy efficiency is taking place in Barcelona.
Chicago, Detroit Picked to Host Manufacturing Tech Hubs
Mary Jander  
2/26/2014   28 comments
Chicago and Detroit will become manufacturing innovation hubs thanks to a project launched by President Obama.
Cartoon Caption Contests: 4 New Winners
Nicole Ferraro  
2/25/2014   7 comments
Here are the winners of our four (4) most recent cartoon caption contests.
Why Smart Cities Need Cloud Services
Mary Jander  
2/25/2014   15 comments
Cloud services are key to implementing smart-city applications.
The Dark Side of Tech Buses for Cities
Projjal Dutta  
2/25/2014   33 comments
Tech buses deployed by companies like Google and Apple bring the benefit of more collective transportation. But there's an underlying dark side to these services that must be discussed.
How Barcelona Is Handling the Mobile World Congress 2014
Pablo Valerio  
2/24/2014   32 comments
Barcelona will demonstrate this week how to conduct a global technology event as it hosts the Mobile World Congress 2014.
School Safety Tech Presents Possibilities & Problems
Alan Reiter  
2/24/2014   63 comments
Technology is available to help prevent school shootings, but whether it's affordable or feasible enough for city schools to implement is tougher to say.
From the Mayor's Desk: De Blasio Caught on Video, Horror in Kiev
Mary Jander  
2/21/2014   17 comments
New York's mayor has some 'splaining to do, Boston wants Pope Francis, Boris isn't standing for it, and more…
Shrinking Cities: The Antidote to Greenfield Development
Kathleen Bakewell  
2/20/2014   25 comments
Developers should be looking to shrinking cities, not greenfields, for future development.
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