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Edie Awards Showcase Innovation
James Byrne  
11/25/2014   1 comment
The Edie awards highlight innovations in business sustainability.
Salvation Army Finds Refuge, Recovery in the Cloud
11/24/2014   2 comments
The nonprofit agency finds a cloud-based backup and disaster recovery system is the best and most cost-effective way to protect critical data.
Tel Aviv Wins Best City Award
Pablo Valerio  
11/21/2014   5 comments
Smart cities are about people and vision -- and Tel Aviv has both, the Smart Cities World Congress says.
Hunting Lone Wolves in Urban Forests
Kishore Jethanandani  
11/20/2014   8 comments
Techniques are available to track possible terrorists through a typical pattern of online activity -- but police forces need to be alert.
Why We Need Greater Workplace Resiliency
Peter Miscovich  
11/19/2014   2 comments
The future workplace needs to be flexible, agile, and resilient.
Net Neutrality: Let There Be Laws
11/18/2014   10 comments
Telecom companies insist they already comply with the precepts of net neutrality. So what is the harm in codifying their behavior?
How Do We Manage Workplace Complexity?
Peter Miscovich  
11/18/2014   9 comments
Workplace resilience will become increasingly important in facing the risks associated with growing workplace complexity.
Monaco: Glamorous & Connected
Susan Fourtané  
11/14/2014   47 comments
The Principality of Monaco may be the second smallest country in the world, but it's big in technology innovation and IoT applications. Monte Carlo is set to become a truly "connected city."
iPads, Chromebooks Are Winning the School Market
Pablo Valerio  
11/12/2014   12 comments
Some UK city schools are opting for Chromebooks and iPads over MSFT devices, and with good reason.
Webinar: Future Schools, Future Classrooms
Kim Davis  
11/11/2014   2 comments
This week's Future Cities webinar looks at delivering improved learning outcomes through technology.
1.8 Million Catalans Vote For Independence
City Diaries  
11/10/2014   3 comments
Our Barcelona correspondent witnesses Catalonia's unofficial vote for independence from Spain.
HomeAway Sues San Francisco Over Home-Sharing Law
11/10/2014   4 comments
Vacation rental service claims new home-sharing law is discriminatory and unconstitutional because it bans second-home owners from short-term property rentals.
Nice: Connected Boulevard
Susan Fourtané  
11/7/2014   12 comments
An Internet of Things smart city platform manages the city of Nice, France.
New York: De Blasio's Housing Mountain
Kim Davis  
11/6/2014   12 comments
Mayor Bill de Blasio's Housing New York plan is worthy, but it faces some serious obstacles.
Happy Birthday, Metro Barcelona!
Pablo Valerio  
11/5/2014   11 comments
The Barcelona metro system celebrates 90 years of history and innovative technology.
New York: Bringing the Oysters Home
Jordan Fraade  
11/4/2014   7 comments
A collaborative project has ambitious plans to restore New York harbor's oyster-based eco-system.
Cloud & Mobile Tech Improve Emergency Systems
11/3/2014   6 comments
As public communication networks evolve, cloud and mobile technology are helping to make emergency response systems more efficient.
Project Sunflower Brings Power & Heat
Susan Fourtané  
10/31/2014   23 comments
Giant sunflowers, powered with the energy of the sun, will illuminate and heat cities in the future.
Toronto University Podcasts the Urban Future
Kim Davis  
10/30/2014   15 comments
A series of podcasts from the University of Toronto address a wide range of pressing urban issues.
Affordable Rent Is a Smart Growth Imperative
Walter Fieuw  
10/29/2014   30 comments
New York, Berlin, and other cities around the world promote inclusiveness by tackling runaway rents.
In Government, No Excuse for Missing Documents
10/28/2014   13 comments
To meet regulatory obligations -- and avoid accusations of coverup and incompetence -- federal agencies must get serious about digitizing records.
Barcelona Tackles Its Smog Problem
Susan Llewelyn Leach  
10/27/2014   11 comments
Motorists may feel the pinch as Barcelona moves to reduce air pollution levels.
Cellular Location Crisis Threatens Lives
Alan Reiter  
10/24/2014   36 comments
With more and more citizens using cellphones to call 911, failure to collect and supply accurate location data is a threat to lives.
The Mayors Challenge Spurs Transferable Innovations
Susan Llewelyn Leach  
10/22/2014   14 comments
Bloomberg Philanthropies challenged mayors to create innovative ideas which could spread around the world.
White House Launches More Open Data Initiatives
10/21/2014   4 comments
Agencies' use of open data helps citizens and boosts the economy, a government official says.
Mobile Encryption Angers Law Enforcement
Pablo Valerio  
10/20/2014   16 comments
Mobile encryption is a major privacy battleground for governments and corporations.
The Future City Will Be Vulnerable
Kim Davis  
10/17/2014   7 comments
The simple hacking of a domestic smart meter should raise our concern level about the security of future cities.
Solar Rising in Village Microgrids
10/16/2014   14 comments
Solar power is bringing direct currents to homes in small villages in the developing world.
Slideshow: 10 Urban Greenways
James Byrne  
10/15/2014   37 comments
Green corridors are cutting a creative path through urban and industrial landscapes. Here are some of the best examples.
EFF: City, County Police Pushing Dangerous Software
Alan Reiter  
10/14/2014   26 comments
US city and county law enforcement authorities are distributing flawed and dangerous software, a report says.
Smart Cities Merge IoT, Cloud
10/13/2014   4 comments
A European-Japanese project aims to bring ubiquitous computing to cities around the world.
Future Offices: More Than Just Desk Space
Karolin Forsling  
10/10/2014   6 comments
Research shows that both businesses and potential value-flexible workspaces are based in innovative communities.
Future Offices: Attracting Tomorrow's Talent
Karolin Forsling  
10/9/2014   10 comments
Future talent will demand creative office environments, probably in city centers.
LA: 'Goldilocks' Pricing for Parking
Kim Davis  
10/8/2014   14 comments
Xerox helps take the sting out of LA's parking problems.
Smart Meter Hack Shuts Off the Lights
10/7/2014   9 comments
European researchers will reveal major security weaknesses in smart meters that could allow an attacker to order a power blackout.
Connectivity for Urban Smart Grids
Pablo Valerio  
10/6/2014   6 comments
New standards create options for low-power IoT connectivity.
District of Collaboration: Who Benefits?
Jordan Fraade  
10/3/2014   9 comments
Washington hosted EcoDistricts 2014, but who is benefiting from the District's resurgence?
Hi-Tech Policing: Another View
Jim O'Reilly  
10/2/2014   21 comments
Hi-tech tools are impacting law enforcement in many interesting ways. Are we more secure?
New Tools for Smart Data Collection
Jordan Fraade  
10/1/2014   6 comments
EcoDistricts 2014 explores the cutting edge of urban data collection.
A Wireless Broadband Gateway to Smarter Schools & Hospitals
Atul Bhatnagar  
9/30/2014   12 comments
Broadband can make a contribution to smarter health and education.
Sparking the Sustainability Revolution
Jordan Fraade  
9/29/2014   17 comments
The EcoDistricts Summit 2014 looked at ways technology is promoting sustainability.
Who Runs the World? (Mayors)
Kim Davis  
9/26/2014   53 comments
If the world is turning into a neighborhood of global cities, who do you think the bosses are going to be?
Barcelona Launches New Electric Buses
Pablo Valerio  
9/25/2014   22 comments
The EU's ZeEUS program is underpinning Barcelona's ambitious electric bus launch.
Live Digital Audio: Smart Detective
Kim Davis  
9/24/2014   14 comments
Live digital audio returns to UBM Future Cities with an exploration of technological advances in law enforcement and emergency response.
Some Days You're the Pigeon, Others You're the Statue
9/23/2014   8 comments
Are cities still commissioning new statues, or is this practice a thing of the past?
Cities Smooth the College Application Process
Ariella Brown  
9/22/2014   46 comments
Cloud-based application tracking is taking some of the headaches out of the college application process for students in some cities.
City of Austin Broadens Data Analysis Efforts
9/19/2014   7 comments
Austin picks MicroStrategy to help the city analyze data across municipal departments, from police and fire to maintenance and permitting.
Drones Over Manhattan? Not Yet
Jim O'Reilly  
9/18/2014   25 comments
Drone technology is cheap, and there's plenty of hoopla -- but there are problems with the idea. Think drones over Manhattan.
Chicago: The Analytics of Safer Dining
Kim Davis  
9/17/2014   9 comments
Chicago is using big data to target inspections of food service establishments.
Time for a Reset for Citi Bike
Projjal Dutta  
9/16/2014   23 comments
There's room for a successful bike share program in New York City, but it's time for Citi Bike to make some adjustments.
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